April 12, 2021

Boomtown Release Notes: April 2021


The next release is on 4/15/21 at 9pm PST

We are launching a number of enhancements for our Support SDK with this release as well as strengthening core workflows, increasing performance, and fixing bugs. Here's what's going live on Thursday:

Support SDK Enhancements


  • Added Title fields to each Support Option block to give menu name control to non-developers to customize the user experience of the SDK
  • Added an option to turn off Chat in your Support SDK where previously it was always on


  • Updated spacing, colors, weights and overall form styling across iOS and Android
  • Updated long field descriptions to wrap instead of limit to 1 line
  • Updated the routing to take a user back to the home screen after a form submission


  • Updated alignment, spacing, and overall styling for Knowledge Article lists
  • Updated Sub Labels to properly indent throughout a Library to add more visible hierarchy
  • Added a loading spinner to the Knowledge screen when it’s first accessed

Event notifications

We added event notifications to provide status updates to the calling application to give developers increased control over their customer experience. These events cover status changes to chats, history, knowledge, and forms. Developers can now take additional action in their applications based on these events triggering.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed images not always showing in chat
  • Fixed a crash when screen sharing on Android 10
  • Fixed a bug where the keyboard could get stuck up on certain OS versions

Seismic Integration

The latest in Boomtown’s line of integrations, Seismic is a document management system most often used for sales enablement. Seismic allows organizations to orchestrate engaging buying experiences at scale by organizing and delivering documents when internal teams or customers need them.

Seismic’s document management system aggregates documents from multiple systems and we can now display that content inside Boomtown on the Integrations tab, making it simple to browse, search, and share documents with prospects and customers from the same place where you communicate with customers in Boomtown.

With the Seismic integration, teams can:

  • Search
  • Browse
  • LiveSend Link Generation (public links that track when documents are viewed)
  • Document Preview
  • Omnichannel document access across workspaces
  • View Favorites and recently accessed documents

Performance Updates

This sprint we optimized a number of queries and API endpoints across Cases, Knowledge, Communications, Search, lists, and other areas of our platform. We are focused on reducing load times and potential timeouts across the system to create a more seamless experience for our users. We are going to continue to release performance enhancements during our Tuesday night maintenance windows each week to further improve the user experience.

General Bugs & Updates

  • Updated the kanban display to default to 25 results (instead of 10) and added pagination to view more
  • Updated the screen share model to start in an expanded state
  • The 'Qualified for' and 'Specialist in' fields no longer timeout when opened
  • Updated search in Team Chat to only return Team chat rooms instead of all chat rooms
  • Prevented New cases from being set to Waiting
  • Added loading spinners to additional surfaces such as Case Assign and Customer search 
  • Made Owner Team a required field on all Cases
  • Newly created Views are now automatically added to your Views list without having to refresh
  • Updated the display settings for users without edit or create permissions on various objects to ensure they only see the edit and create buttons when they have the appropriate permissions  
  • Fixed an error that was displaying when saving the Special Notes field with no data
  • Fixed a bug where highlighted fields (from search) would sometimes display HTML on related objects
  • Fixed a bug where the Owner User wasn’t being cleared out when you changed a Owner Team on the escalate modal 
  • Added a notification on the login screen for when a user enters an incorrect password
  • Added the Collaborator Teams and Collaborator Users as Layout options for the Case Details tab
  • Updated the Collaborator Team and Collaborator Users when escalating a Case to ensure the previous owners become collaborators automatically
  • Updated Case cards so they no longer display deleted Contacts
  • Updated Troubleshooting Steps updates in Events to display the proper change log
  • Added ‘Last Published’ and ‘Last Edited’ Date fields into Knowledge Reports
  • Fixed a bug where Related Articles were sometimes not showing on Articles
  • Updated our Knowledge Article editor to allow images copied from Outlook to display properly
  • Wrapped text and added horizontal scroll bars on Article Events when large content is included in the event
  • Fixed a bug where a Customer’s email sometimes got associated with the incorrect name
  • Updated webchat to prevent users from chatting after the availability period has passed if they had chat open prior to the end of the availability period
  • Fixed a bug where attachments would not always show from users added to a thread after the case was created
  • Fixed a bug preventing teams from updating their notification alerts in Settings
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from accessing some cases across their Organization when they lacked certain permissions
  • Updated Group By counts in lists that are grouped 
  • Fixed a bug where claiming a Case from the card did not load the Case
  • Fixed a bug preventing case view export data when Status was in the filter
  • Added type-ahead searching when selecting a field to filter on
  • Fixed filter-related bugs related to the Is Empty operator, filtering by tags, and filtering by created date
  • Added filter options for Collaborator Teams and Collaborating Users
  • Fixed a bug that cleared out your filters when switching from Card to Table display

As always, if you have any questions please email us at product@goboomtown.com