March 3, 2021

The Best Payment Products to Sell in 2021


It's almost the end of Q1, and it's time to make sure your sales teams are aligned with the right products. Last year I wrote an article about the best products to sell going into 2020, but I think we can all agree a lot has changed in the past year.

Don't worry, I am not going to fill this article with phrases like 'new normal' or words like 'unprecedented'. Salespeople learn to adapt no matter the situation, so to us, a pandemic is just another obstacle we need to break down creatively. It's time to get imaginative and provide local businesses with products that are useful and affordable given the current state of the world.

Copper (Integrated EMV & QR payments) 

In 2020, QR codes made a significant comeback. The world set a new standard for disease control and merchants needed help. Copper is a QR check out payment option that integrates smart terminals (Poynt, PAX, Clover, etc.) to other legacy POS (Aloha, Micros, etc.) used by local businesses. It takes ten minutes to set up, ten minutes to train your staff, and the merchant doesn't need to have a complete IT retrofit to get started.

Copper works in four easy steps (1) The merchant checks the customer out as normal (2) prints a QR code (3) provides QR code to customer (4) customer checks themselves out using their smart phone.

Try it out by putting your phone camera in front of the QR code below:

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Most importantly, the Copper cord can make a legacy POS EMV compliant. Many of these legacy POS cost the merchant several thousands of dollars to upgrade to EMV.

Libro (Reservations System) 

As a bank or an ISO, it isn't easy to find a good reservation system you can sell to restaurants that hasn't already been acquired by a larger entity or fintech. Resy is owned by American Express, SeatMe by Yelp, and SeatNinja by SpotOn. Then there’s OpenTable, leading the charge with a fair amount of market share.

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Libro is a beautifully designed reservation system, and it integrates with popular search engines to show you exactly where the customer came from. Instead of charging you for each inbound customer (and customer data), they just charge the merchant a flat monthly fee to use the software.

Here are some of the key features that separate Libro from its competition:

  • Client database
  • Reports and statistics
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Table management system
  • Space optimisation
  • Waiting list management
  • Available on all devices

OrderOut (Third-Party-App Delivery Integration)

Another challenge 2020 brought with it was a spike in demand for third party delivery application orders. Even though they take a high percentage of the sale, many restaurants needed that third party customer base to keep orders moving. With all the different competitors (UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, etc.) it was hard to maintain the inbound order and some restaurants had a tablet for each system.

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OrderOut allows your merchant to consolidate all third-party orders onto their Point of Sale. Their team started with an integration to Clover and Aptito, but if you don't have either of those systems, they provide you with a printer that consolidates all of the orders. This is a super helpful alternative for the merchant vs having various tablets and take out queues.

Quantic (Point of Sale) 

The point of sale market is saturated with over-valued companies that spend a ton of money on customer acquisition cost. To keep up with these costs, many of these POS companies have become PayFacs. This way, they can own and manage their own payment revenue stream. That said, finding a good POS that's agnostic with multiple payment channels is a challenge.

Quantic, by MetisPro, is a point of sale available to ISOs and banks to attach their own payment revenue stream. This solution is completely channel/partner driven, and your team can white label the whole experience (for an additional cost). 

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Quantic services a variety of verticals (FSR, QSR, retail, etc.) and they're starting to explore other channels for their dedicated resellers. Their company has a talented dev team, great support services, and they provide nationwide Field Services through Boomtown. There is also built in ecommerce, loyalty programs, analytics, and really everything you need to drive success with local merchants. 

Spendgo (Loyalty integrated to POS)

Spendgo offers a white labeled, in-store, online, and mobile marketing solution for merchants to own their existing customer relationships. Using loyalty programs, offers, and messaging, merchants are getting more direct orders as they shift away from their dependence on third-party marketplaces into their own stores and online ordering websites. In addition, Spendgo offers an ecosystem of integrations for merchants to build customer journeys across any channel, including email, sms, mobile apps, mobile wallets, kiosks, surveys, and more.

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Trusted by millions of users and top brands like Cold Stone Creamery, Spendgo has been delivering industry leading ROI. On average, Spendgo merchants sign up 12 times as many customers to their CRM system, see up to 75% of sales by loyalty members, and average 90% of rewards redeemed by members. All of this contributes to more visits and more sales for merchants, all while being easy to use.

For resellers, the top line benefit is obvious: greater merchant sales through integrated channels (vs 3rd party platforms) means more processing revenue. It's just as important that you're working with a vendor that can actually support your customers. Spendgo is unique in its ability to work with both multi-location and individual location merchants, as well as merchants in any vertical including retailers, restaurants, grocers, salons, vanues, and more. The secret sauce is in Spendgo's patented technology for being able to integrate with any POS system and deliver a unified customer experience with online ordering/e-commerce platforms.

If you would like to learn more about any of these solutions, email