A holistic support solution for teams that build and deploy technology for brick and mortar businesses

Provide a VIP experience to every customer from onboarding through long-term relationships

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Bloom Intelligence
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Focus on growing your business without adding headcount.

Take your customer service to the next level with proactive support. Ensure your technology never goes offline with a network monitoring solution that integrates directly with your ticketing system and automatically alerts and provides troubleshooting tips to you and/or your customers when an issue occurs.

With a modern support platform and streamlined access to expert managed services, you can easily build lasting relationships with your customers and make sure they’re never without the help they need – whether remotely or in person.

How can Boomtown help your business?

Use the software to better support your customers and the integrated services when you need additional help


Provide premium proactive support to your customers and get detailed network insights

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Modern support software makes it easy to build lasting relationships with your customers

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On-site Installations
& Services

Quickly send an expert local technician anywhere in the US with just a few clicks

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Activate customers faster and retain them longer with expert personalized training

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Reduction in Inactivation Rates


Reduction in call volume


Reduction in overall support cost

White Glove Customer Onboarding

First impressions last forever.

Increase your sales velocity while ensuring that your first customer experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Provide a professional white glove onboarding experience for all your new customers so they’re ready to go from day one. Have an expert on your technology show up in person as soon as the hardware arrives to ensure everything is properly installed and configured.

White Glove Technology Installation Onboarding
Boomtown Network Monitoring Dashboard

Provide VIP Support

Understand your customers better than ever before.

With integrated network monitoring, you can track the connectivity of your technology 24/7 and automatically create tickets when devices go offline to provide proactive support.

Get deep insight into the entire network at your customers’ locations and run detailed network tests with the click of a button.


Better Customer Support, More Efficient Agents

As you grow, managing a growing support operation and executing during peak demand can be challenging and expensive.

Boomtown’s support platform allows you make your existing agents more efficient with better support channels like chat and video and instant access to pre-built knowledge bases for the technology you sell.

Leverage bots and intelligent automation in your workflows to help automate the easy questions so your agents can focus on the interactions that add value.

Boomtown Support and Engagement Platform
talech logo testimonial

"Boomtown has been critical in helping us scale up our support efforts while providing the best customer experience. By leveraging Boomtown's installation and new merchant training, we can get our customers started faster on talech."

Shelley Chen
Head of Operations

Shelley Chen Talech

Why do technology providers love Boomtown?

Because we have built our support platform specifically to support technology for brick and mortar businesses. Our team has over 60 years of experience in the industry and we know what it takes to sell to and support merchants. Everything we do is focused on making your life easier.

Quality Guaranteed

We have a Project Manager on every job to ensure everything is completed on time and up to your standards

Nationwide Technician Network

A single flat rate across the entire US makes it easy to budget and scale

On-Demand In-Person Support

Get boots on the ground with a few clicks, any time, day or night.

Intelligent Automation

Automate easy and repetitive questions with chatbots that know your technology and get smarter over time

Omnichannel Communications

Easily provide support however your customers want it - website and in-app chat, video, SMS, email, phone

Proactive Support

Monitor networks and your technology and proactively solve issues for your customers when anything goes offline


Don't change who you are

Our support platform can plug into your existing CRM and our services seamlessly augment your existing support operations.

You can get started with minimal effort and deviation from existing processes.

We’re flexible and make working together fun and easy. Our structured onboarding program gets you going in less than 30 days.

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