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Customer Experience
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Customer Experience Insights

Full view of the customer journey

Engage with us to map your customers’ journey with your product or solution across your ecosystem.

Journey maps capture and present the key insights on customer interactions and touch points as they navigate a journey from beginning to end.

Move teams beyond a siloed view of the customer journey to understand the end-to-end experience and their role in the delivery.

Reveal Key Challenges

Address & solve critical

Most organizations identify that they need to think holistically about customer experience but are stuck in functional organizations tied to siloed systems and communications channels.

This makes it difficult to get a clear picture of the full customer experience.  We will work with you to uncover the places where handoffs and transitions across touchpoints and systems create friction.

Uncover Moments of Truth

Manage risk &
deliver results

Within every customer journey, a few key moments are the defining places where a journey either succeeds or fails.

We will help you identify the most critical points along the journey, flag the risks and challenges associated with delivering on them, and uncover solutions to resolving those challenging break points to ensure customer, and business, success.


Support teams struggle with training and managing product complexity in the sales process.


Provide structured conversational solution information in the field to ramp new team members rapidly and get the right solutions in the hands of your customers.


AI technologies have the potential to increase productivity by 40 percent, as well as boost profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035.

Source: Accenture

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Brian Kamstra

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Shelley Chen
Head of Operations

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Drew Sementa

“Boomtown gives us the ability to deliver high-quality services to our customers around the country, whether it’s same-day break-fix, a new store install, or a national rollout.”

Ivan Matkovic
Founder & CEO