Simple and powerful knowledge base to power self-service and guide internal teams

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A knowledge base you’ll actually enjoy using

Intelligent knowledge management, with information easily loaded, organized, accessed, managed, and shared.

Easy To Build &
Useful In
Real Life
Easy to Build & Maintain

Simple & Powerful

Effortless editing and robust content management combined with bulk upload functionality and APIs mean your knowledge will never get stale or be stuck in one place.

Avoid stale knowledge with inline comments from your support team and partner ecosystem, along with data on usage, so you can easily see what needs to be updated.

Our Quality Review panel lets you see when our Knowledge Deliver module suggested an article that wasn’t used, to make sure your content is always being used to help customers.

Useful in Real Life

Build it once, use it broadly

Knowledge Management is a foundational piece of the Boomtown platform. The chatbots that deliver Customer Self Service and Automation are able to search through the same knowledge base articles your team uses and deliver the right solutions to your customers.

Each portion of content is connected to a product (or products) so they can be leveraged at the right time by your team or the customer. We also enable your team to save preambles and responses that can be used the next time a customer has a similar issue.

Contextually Relevant

Connected Content

Boomtown’s Knowledge Management module is directly linked to our Product Index, which breaks down the relationship between you and your customers to the most critical intersection - your products.

By connecting each piece of knowledge content to the relevant products you build and support directly, as well as the relevant 3rd party products and integrations, a bespoke knowledge base can be curated for each of your customers dynamically.

In self-service touch points, our Knowledge Management module only surfaces the relevant content and the AI behind our Knowledge Delivery module is able to be much more accurate with suggested solutions.


Nearly every company in the world has a knowledge base that almost no one uses. These repositories are monolithic, stale, and siloed. As they become more comprehensive, they become harder to use.


Boomtown’s Knowledge Management module integrates all of the context needed to deliver bespoke solutions at the time of need, so customers and internal teams actually use the information to their advantage.


AI technologies have the potential to increase productivity by 40 percent, as well as boost profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035.

Source: Accenture


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“We’ve enjoyed working with Boomtown to ensure our customers have the training and support they need 24/7. Our goal is to have customers activated and trained within 3 days. Our relationship with Boomtown helps make that happen.”

Lawrence Brown
Technical Support Manager