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Comprehensive, dynamic organization for all of knowledge you’ll ever need to help customers succeed.

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Knowledge Management for Accuracy

Contextually Informed, Organically Organized

CXMEngine’s Knowledge Management Module stores information that is contextually relevant and informed by customer and product histories.

CXMEngine’s Machine Learning indexes all of the previous interactions with similar customers to ensure the most accurate recommendation.

Our Quality Review panel allows you to see each recommendation made by the AI engine and if your team utilized the suggestion in their response. You get full transparency and the ability to clone your best knowledge across the team.

Data with Integrity and Flexibility

Dynamic data that’s secure

Your customers’ data is important to them, and you. Ensure that you never compromise on security while also ensuring that learnings from every interaction can be applied in similar cases.

By only collecting data that isn’t customer specific, you can apply knowledge across teams and organizations to help other customers.

Contextually Relevant

Connected Content

Boomtown’s Knowledge Management module is directly linked to our Product Index, which breaks down the relationship between you and your customers to the most critical intersection - your products.

By connecting each piece of knowledge content to the relevant products you build and support directly, as well as the relevant 3rd party products and integrations, a bespoke knowledge base can be curated for each of your customers dynamically.

In self-service touch points, our Knowledge Management module only surfaces the relevant content and the AI behind our Knowledge Delivery module is able to be much more accurate with suggested solutions.


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“We’ve enjoyed working with Boomtown to ensure our customers have the training and support they need 24/7. Our goal is to have customers activated and trained within 3 days. Our relationship with Boomtown helps make that happen.”

Lawrence Brown
Technical Support Manager