July 15, 2019

Empowering Sales Organizations with Multi-User Video Chat


“Sales enablement” is one of the most widely used, and often times misunderstood, terms in any modern sales organization. A simple Google search alone will return results boasting of 10, 20 or even upwards of 70 different tools a sales organization should use to properly arm their teams with what they need to be successful on every sale.

Forrester Research states that a successful sales enablement tool “equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right customer at the right time”. At Boomtown, we tend to agree with that definition. However, we feel sales organizations should use a single tool that empowers the entire organization, and not just the boots on the ground.

Relay by Boomtown is an interactive, mobile video-chat platform that allows sales organizations to sell smarter and more confidently while increasing sales velocity and close rates.

Sell Smarter

A major challenge for B2B sales teams is the expectation that each representative should have extensive knowledge of an increasing number of products, software packages, and technology integrations. Additionally, as sales organizations move upstream into valuable mid-market and enterprise prospects, these conversations get more complex and require product-level expertise. Relay’s video conferencing tool solves both of these issues. Sales reps can virtualize the expertise of product specialists and sales engineers through Relay’s highly interactive video chat sessions, ensuring each interaction is tailored to the customer’s specifics needs. Sales reps can “relay in” the right person at the right time, eliminating the need for multiple follow ups and ultimately accelerating the sales cycle.

Relay also creates a more effective opportunity for cross-selling. Reps in the field can loop in a 3rd party representative to have them virtually present at the time of sale. Direct collaboration across multiple sales organizations, often simultaneously, provides a seamless experience for the customer and increases up-selling and revenue sharing opportunities.

relay sales enablement

Increase Sales Velocity

Sales organizations are always looking for ways to close more deals. To do so, sales managers are forced to navigate through a convoluted quagmire of “new age” technology products with the hope that one speeds up sales and proves a return on investment.

With Relay, sales teams will realize both an increased sales velocity and a significant return on investment via high-value interactions across the entire organization online premarin. Relay’s interactive multi-party video chat sessions relieve capacity constraints while still allowing sales reps to engage product specialists and sales engineers at the moment of the sale. Product specialists can virtually interact with a national sales force from a centralized location, minimizing travel while optimizing availability and coverage, saving the company valuable time and money.

Relay also comes with access to a dedicated Account Portal where sales managers can track which partners and product specialists were engaged in each sale. Sales reps can also use the Account Portal to track real-time status updates for each deal through the on-boarding and training process, ensuring they are successfully closed with a positive customer experience.

Using the Relay platform ensures that every member of a sales organization can effectively manage each deal in the pipeline, while consistently engaging in high-value customer interactions through each stage of the sale.

To learn more about how Relay’s mobile video conference platform will help your sales team close more deals faster, visit www.goboomtown.com/relay or email us at info@goboomtown.com