July 15, 2019

The Mayor, Chip Kahn, Discusses Boomtown's Support Platform on PYMNTS.com's Matchmakers Podcast


Boomtown was built on a simple premise – to help local business owners access the same level of support and technical expertise as their larger, big-box competitors through the use of next-generation technology and software. This allows such owners to run their business more efficiently, and more effectively compete with well-established national brands.

With that, the Mayor of Boomtown, Chip Kahn, had the pleasure of speaking with Karen Webster, the CEO of Market Platform Dynamics & PYMNTS.com, and David Evans, Founder of MPD and co-author of “Matchmakers: The New Economics of Multisided Platforms”, on the Matchmakers podcast about building Boomtown’s merchant support platform.“If you’re a business today and you need help, you’re going to craigslist”, says Kahn. “the demand [for specialized technical support] exists, but there is no reputational currency, the discovery process to find somebody is completely broken, and is actually very expensive because there is no guarantee of ongoing work.” All of these factors lead to a terrible support experience for merchants, which prohibits their ability to effectively manage their business and/or serve their customers.

To listen to the entire podcast and learn more about how we are building the Boomtown support ecosystem, visit the original post on PYMNTS.com.