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Business technology is here to "help"

Technology evolves to make our lives easier and more efficient, not to create more headaches. The problem is, this isn’t always the case. Change is difficult, setup may be complicated, updates can be frustrating, and the network supporting all your technologies may fail for countless unrelated and unexpected reasons.

We experienced these pains first hand as so many of our friends and family members struggled with technology in their businesses, and more often than not, we were the ones they would call for help.

When requesting professional help, the services were opaque, expensive and frankly, ineffective. It was similar to bringing your car to one of the thousands of individual auto-repair shops. The lack of transparency and social ratings often led to service providers taking advantage of their customers.

We started Boomtown to simplify technology support for businesses so owners can focus on what truly matters – their customers.

We're on a mission to create a better support experience

In 2013 as small business technology began taking off, we assembled a team to address this issue head on. With the customer experience as our guiding star, we began building a better way for businesses to get support.

Our ultimate goal was to build the best possible business support platform since the existing tools were not sufficient to deliver the quality we desired. In order to do this, we first had to learn. We began providing the services ourselves so we could understand exactly what we needed to build.

We installed point-of-sale systems, built wireless networks, ran cable and provided a 24/7 technical support. Meanwhile, we simplified service offerings with honest prices, flat nationwide rates, fast turnarounds and full transparency. Our team was made up of highly training technical professionals who were empathetic, friendly and helpful. This was unheard of in the world of support where long hold times and four-hour service windows were the industry standard.

We were bringing a new light to the world of support.

The services train the software

We are technology people at heart, and we’re always leveraging the latest innovations to help us do our job better. Since the day we started providing services to businesses, we have focused on creating a better support platform that makes it easy to deliver efficient yet personalized services at scale.

We built our platform with the knowledge and feedback we gained from years of providing services ourselves. Following more than three years of development, we finally opened up the platform to allow other teams to use our tools and deliver a better support experience to their own customers.

We’re bringing smart automation to everyday enterprise services. With intelligence embedded where you work, your service delivery platform now grows smarter with each interaction, making you more productive and your customers happier. It has never been this easy to collaborate with all your stakeholders from a single dashboard to get work done, fast.

Join us in providing smarter business support.

What we stand for

As a team focused on providing exceptional experiences through our software and services, it’s important that we maintain strong and consistent values. We created our values before we even created our company and they remain paramount today. Our values show through in everything we do. Here’s what we believe in:

  • Integrity – We always do the right thing

  • Expertise – We only offer the best of what is available in both software and services

  • Simplicity – We make it easy for you

  • Reliability – We get it right 100% of the time. And if we don’t, we fix it.

  • Advocacy – We always put your interest first

And that brings us to today

We’re a global team servicing >200,000 businesses

2 corporate offices in Tiburon, CA and Scottsdale, AZ

>60 employees across the US, Canada, and Germany

>10,000 field service agents in the US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada

>200,000 businesses in the US (including Puerto Rico), Canada, Mexico, and Australia

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But enough about us

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