A world where all business is personal again.

In the future we envision, brands are free to push the boundaries of their business without ever risking or sacrificing their customer relationships.

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Every advancement makes technological support harder.

At Boomtown, we imagine a world where knowledge is in motion and accessible for anyone that needs it in an organization. In doing so, we ensure that they can reach their full potential and stay a cut above the rest of the competition.

"Each point along the customer’s journey from sale to activation to service is a chance to churn."

We ensure that every question is answered accurately and every problem is solved completely.

Our mission is to ensure that information gets where it needs to go, precisely when it needs to be there. If you start with that, the promise of a remarkable customer experience is finally in reach.

Reduce churn by driving faster, smoother customer journeys.  Help your customers buy, get productive, and more effectively use your products with less effort.

“Boomtown has been critical in helping us scale up our support efforts while providing the best customer experience. By streamlining installations and new customer trainings, we can get our customers started faster on talech.”

Shelley Chen
Head of Operations

Boomtown's knowledge logistics ensure excellent customer experiences.

The relationship between a business and a customer is, without exaggeration, sacred. When the customer is disambiguated from the business, the fundamental promise of commerce is broken.  We believe it’s possible to get back to the basics of commerce, without backtracking on the most innovative and exciting business models at work today. 

Product index

Built on a global product index to enable exceptional data-driven and holistic customer journeys.

Support automation

Complex products lead to more questions. Intelligent automation keeps your costs down.

Ecosystem engagement

Seamlessly work with your partners, vendors, and service providers to solve complex issues quickly.

Artificial intelligence

Leverage the latest machine learning models to create a system that’s always learning and improving.

Universal knowledge

Tap into pre-built and integrated knowledge bases and bots for products you sell or encounter in the field.

Integrated services

Boomtown has your back. Seamlessly access remote and field services with just a few clicks.