A support platform built to empower growing VARs

Focus on growing your business and creating recurring revenue while we handle the day-to-day support.

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Grow your business without adding headcount

As your business grows and your recurring revenue is increasingly tied to ongoing services, you need to hire support staff to fulfill your service contracts. Boomtown can handle all your technical support so you can focus on growing your business.

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How can Boomtown help your business?

Use the software to better support your customers and the integrated services when you need additional help.

Always be

Premium 24/7 technical support powered by an experienced team of US-based support engineers who are trained to support business technology.

Lower support

Modern support software enables real-time insights and collaboration across our teams and lowers your cost to service each customer.

Provide white-glove

Expand your target market and quickly send an expert local technician anywhere in the US for help with installations and services.

Exceptional technical support

Retain customers longer

We have supported over 350,000 merchant locations and use that experience to continue to learn and improve every day.

There is no need to hire and train a new team on the technology that you sell. Leverage our wealth of experience from day one – both remotely and in-person.

Collaboration software

We're one team

The Boomtown platform is built to be collaborative so your entire team has insight into every interaction.

Your tier 1 support requests get routed to Boomtown and only if we can’t solve the issue will we route directly to your inbox.

In-person installations and services

White glove customer service

First impressions last forever.

Increase your sales velocity while ensuring that your first customer experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Provide a professional white glove onboarding experience for all your new customers so they are activated on day one. Dispatch an expert technician knowledgeable on your technology within 48 hours to ensure everything is properly installed and configured.

"Boomtown gives me the freedom to focus on growing my business without having to worry about supporting my existing customers. They are always available and the quality is best-in-class."

Ryan Ennis
CEO, Bizworks

Why do VARs love Boomtown?

Because we have built our support platform specifically to support brick and mortar business technologies. Our team has over 60 years of experience working with small businesses and we know what it takes to sell to and support businesses. Everything we do is to make your life easier. And we speak your language.

support experience

Easily connect with your customers in new and engaging ways to build better long-term relationships.

industry knowledge

Our agents are experts on the technology that you sell so you don't need to continually hire and train new team members.


We act as an extension of your team and you have full transparency into every interaction that we have with your customers.

technician network

A single flat rate across the entire US makes it easy to budget and scale.


Monitor networks and your technology and proactively solve issues for your customers when anything goes offline.


We review every job to ensure everything is completed on time and up to your standards.

It's easy to get started

We believe that white glove onboarding and ongoing help is a core part of a good partnership (and free!). Our Customer Success team will guide you through every step of the process and will ensure the transition is seamless for your team.

Our support platform can plug into your existing CRM with pre-built integrations and our services seamlessly augment your existing support operations with minimal changes from your team.