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Delivering exceptional customer support is often hard and thankless. Boomtown finally gives B2B support teams the technology they need to support increasingly complex products with ever more demanding customers.

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Truly intelligent support

Transform how support teams work with your customers  to deliver faster resolutions.

Tap AI to be the assistant coach you always wanted but never thought you could find. Shift your team’s experience from searching for answers in static knowledge bases or asking more experienced peers to AI-powered knowledge delivery.

Support team members are delivered the information they need when they need it - eliminating manual searches and workarounds. Use our case management or a pre-built integration to existing ticket and ITSM systems.

Greater Customer Acquisition

Improve signal, reduce noise

Any brand is only as good as its reputation, and poor support experiences can impact a brand’s reputation quickly.

Packed with AI-powered knowledge delivery, omnichannel engagement, proactive monitoring, and collaboration modules, cases are resolved quickly on first contact, resulting in the best customer experience.

Elevate your support training for team members, grow volume without increasing cost, and delight customers, all to your brands benefit.

Fewer Customer Hassles

Provide support instantaneously

Solving knowledge problems, such as product compatibility, in each support interaction reduces the downstream servicing problems that lead to attrition.

With our platform, you can build knowledge based on customer interactions across your enterprise and  harness the power of AI to provide automated real-time support engineer suggestions.


Support teams struggle with training and managing product complexity in the sales process.


Provide structured conversational solution information in the field to ramp new team members rapidly and get the right solutions in the hands of your customers.


AI technologies have the potential to increase productivity by 40 percent, as well as boost profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035.

Source: Accenture


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“Our support team enjoys working with Boomtown as they are committed to providing solutions to our merchants and are well trained in merchant technology.”

Bud Zepeda
Technical Support Manager