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A comprehensive service delivery platform,
purpose built for enterprise teams that support distributed businesses

Boomtown Connect Platform

Transform your customer experience
with fast and personalized services

We’re bringing smart automation to everyday enterprise work. With intelligence embedded where you work, your service delivery platform grows smarter with each interaction, making you more productive and your customers happier. It has never been this easy to collaborate with all your stakeholders from a single dashboard to get work done, fast.

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Have one or have them all. A unified platform to deliver exceptional services, both remotely and in person.


Connect and support all your businesses in efficient and engaging ways


Board, manage, organize, dispatch and pay your field network


Monitor your customers’ networks and provide proactive support


Communicate across internal and external teams to get work done fast

All in one place

Our solutions work seamlessly together in one platform to make it easy to manage all your service operations from a single dashboard
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Why are we different?


You have data. Lots of data. It’s time to put it to work. Our system automatically learns from all that data to deliver predictions and recommendations to your team based on your unique business processes. Pair that with automation and you have the insights and tools to increase team efficiency, reduce cost and provide a better support experience at scale.

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We don’t work alone when we service our customers. We collaborate with other teams, internal and external, to solve problems and keep our customers happy. Our platform was built to simplify complex communication channels, share information across organizations, tap into experts across the platform, and much more. All in the name of getting things done, fast.

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Service Network

Sometimes you need an extra hand with delivering services. When you use our software platform to service your customers, you have immediate access to a proprietary network of premium managed services – both remote and on-site  – with just a few clicks.

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