Customer Story:

Vivid Payments

Industry: Merchant & Financial Services

Founded: 2016

CEO: Derek Henmi

Mission: Commitment to providing guidance and transparency on Point of Sale, Payment Processing, and Technology.

About Vivid:

Vivid provides businesses with innovative payment processing solutions and financial services. They offer a variety of payment processing, point-of-sale, and business technology solutions to companies of all industries and sizes.

Vivid mainly contracts with independent sales agents nationwide, providing access to many solutions including Poynt, Verifone, Clover, SwipeSimple, PAX, and ELO systems.


With a small team of employees, Derek Henmi was focused on growth and realized that quickly activating customers was a necessity for revenue growth. Along with activating new merchants came the issue of ensuring that merchants were “always on” 24/7 and had the customer support they needed to succeed.  

Henmi wanted to focus on selling and growing the company but wanted to ensure that his customers had access to customer support whenever they needed it. A business must have all of its technology components working to be successful - from the printers, to the POS, to the backoffice products - and providing product support can be complex.

How Boomtown Helps:

After much research, Henmi discovered Boomtown - the product support platform that makes selling, activating and supporting technology products seamless. Boomtown’s remote services provide Vivid with white label product support for their customers.  Vivid’s customers have a dedicated phone number where Boomtown product support specialists act as an extension of Vivid’s team. Vivid’s customers can call, email or chat with product support. Every interaction with a customer is documented in the customer product account. This provides Vivid with a clear line of sight into all of their customer’s interactions with Boomtown’s support team.

“Ensuring our customers have the best product support possible is a top priority for Vivid” states Derek Henmi, CEO, Vivid Payments. “With Boomtown’s platform and support services, I can focus on growing our business knowing that our customers are getting the product support they need to grow their business.”