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Features and functionality

 Multi-channel support

In-app chat

Dedicated support application (Connect) for real time conversations with your customers with ability to share images and files. Connect can be private labeled with your brand and even added to your own app.

Live video support

Launch a live video session with one click from a customer chat and see into your customers’ locations to get eyes on the issue.

SMS / text messaging

Create a dedicated number (long form or short code) to provide quick support over text to your customers.

Voice with text-back

Connect your phone IVR to auto create tickets in Relay and offer an option to start SMS conversations by having your customers enter their mobile number.


Emails automatically create tickets and go into the same conversations as chats. Easy to manage and send outbound emails from one place.

Website chat

Add a chat widget to your website or back-end portal to provide chat help right from your site. Complete with SSO so you know who is chatting with you.

Facebook Messenger

Even chats that come in through Facebook Messenger will route to the same inbox as the rest of your support requests.

Ticket Management

Auto ticket creation

An inbound support request from any channel automatically creates a ticket in your support queue and attaches to the correct customer profile.

Team inbox

Manage all your support inbound from a single inbox to ensure that nothing gets missed. Move tickets from the unclaimed queue to individual queues with ease.

Private ticket chat

Each support ticket has a real time communication room to privately collaborate with your teammates and bots, which are separate from the public customer chat rooms.

Multi-party collaboration

Work closely within your team and across organizations with simple tagging and @mentions to share or assign tickets.


Create sub tasks under a master ticket to set up parent-child relationships between support tickets.

Log notes and structured data

Chat logs, images, files, notes, category tags and more are all captured and time stamped in one place.

Workflows & Automation

Intelligent routing

Support inbounds are automatically routed and assigned to the best agent based on skills, experience and success rate.


Built in helpers everywhere you go. From internal knowledge bases to customer facing FAQs, bots are here to make sure you have all the knowledge at your finger tips. Learn more.

Issue tagging

Predictive setting of issue information, categories, sub-categories, collaborators, and more to facilitate intelligent routing and structured data capture without human intervention.

Checklists and Guides

Pre-built checklists on tickets to capture data and deliver consistent quality. Native troubleshooting Guides to lead agents to the right answer for complex issues.

Service schedulers

Automate scheduling events by syncing your calendars and presenting a web view of all available time slots to your customers. Booked times get added to your calendar.

Shipment tracking

Get faster activations and more efficient installations by knowing exactly when your hardware arrives. You will be sent updates and notification as soon as it arrives.

Insights & Reporting

Pre-built dashboards

Detailed and visual dashboards to understand your customers, identify trends and improve your support operations with actionable insights.


NPS and agent ratings are captured after every interaction and the data is organized and presented back to you.

Industry benchmarks

Understand your support operations in the context of the broader support industry.

CSV exports

Export any data from your dashboards into CSV so you can do with it what you please.

API accessible

Take your data anywhere you go. Access every field via API to integrate Relay into any of your others systems.

  Merchant focused CRM

Business profiles

Every customer has a global business profile for support,which facilitates collaboration between all the providers that work with that business. Each ticket is appended onto a business profile.

IT footprint

Device level data captured at each location to help expedite troubleshooting.

Technology ecosystem management

All technology and service providers are tagged to the business profile to facilitate seamless collaboration.

Merchant industry fields

Built to support restaurant, retail businesses and has the supporting infrastructure to do so efficiently.

Historical information

Easily track and analyze all historical interactions you have had with a customer, all tagged to a single profile.

Multi-location management

Organize customers based on owner and/or locations and add employees and managers under each location.

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