A Collaborative Service Delivery Platform
for B2B Enterprises

The most powerful service delivery platform for operations teams

Work together to exceed expectations

Relay is a service delivery platform that connects powerful workflows with omni-channel communications to provide teams a unique work space to deliver extraordinary services.

Whether you’re providing remote or in-person services, Relay makes it easy to collaborate with all your teams in real-time and get work done, fast.


Built to work together. Share tickets with internal teams or across organizations with ease. Work with all your vendors and partners in one place without messy integrations.


Detailed customer profiles with technology ecosystems, IT footprints and device-level detail for each of your customers. Detailed insights into customer trends and predictive analytics for better team management.

Boomtown Relay Platform
Easily collaborate with all your partners, vendors and service providers from one place.
Deep insights into your customer data from a easy to manage dashboard.
Easy to navigate portal with all your solutions in one place.
Mobile extension of the Relay platform so you can work from wherever you are.

Team-based chat and video communication. Create teams that span organizations and communicate in real-time to get work done, fast.


A platform that gets smarter the more you use it. Leverage bots, automated workflows and machine learning to make your team more efficient and deliver better services.

Power your services with Relay

Relay is the hub that powers our support software. Take a spin through our solutions to find one that fits your needs.


Connect with all your businesses in efficient and engaging ways


Board, manage, organize, dispatch and pay your field network


Monitor your customers' networks and provide proactive support


Communicate across internal and external teams to get work done fast

Relay where you already are

Relay can talk to any of your existing systems with our pre-built integrations, or you can customize to your needs with our flexible APIs and webhooks.
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