The world’s first
collaborative support platform

Tools built for merchant solution providers, designed for the best possible customer experience

Simply a better support experience

The software platform that makes supporting your customers a breeze

Multi-Channel Communication

Video, voice, chat, SMS. Let your customers decide how they want to talk to you.

Workflow-based Ticketing
Workflow-Based Ticketing

These tickets are powerful. Launch pre-defined workflows (such as software training or scheduling a technician) right from the ticket.

Team based support
Cross-Organization Collaboration

Knock down those walls and work together to solve your customer’s issues. Build custom support teams that can span multiple organizations.

Connect with your customers in new and engaging ways

A single support interface for your customers

Video, voice, chat and SMS, right from their phone or tablet

Connect Chat and Video Support for Providers

A more powerful support platform for you

Chat from your desktop or launch video sessions from anywhere

Provider Desk Setup

Make your job easier, one process at a time

Workflow-based ticketing means that every ticket can do more than just track data


Every interaction, whether remote or onsite, is logged in real time so all relevant parties can view the latest job status and updates on every ticket.

Sync Remote and Onsite Tickets

Dispatch technicians, launch video sessions, schedule trainings, and escalate issues all within a single ticket.

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Powerful Workflows

Solve issues faster with custom support teams

Complex technology often requires expertise from multiple organizations to tackle problems. Work together for happier customers.

Team based support

Forcing your customer to make multiple calls to get an answer is not a good experience. Organize your support team into groups of experts and even include members from other organizations for a seamless support process. These teams could be organized by product expertise, customer payment plan, large technology roll outs, integrated solutions, or anything else you can think of!

Multi-party Video

Stop trying to solve issues by listening to your customer describe them over the phone. Launch a video session to see it for yourself and get them the answer faster. You can also invite any other relevant parties into the same video session with the customer get it solved in one session.

Detailed Support Tickets

Build custom support chat rooms with your partners, integrated solutions, or for large client activations. Work seamlessly across organizations without burdensome email chains or voicemail.

Boomtown Integrations

Flexible integrations make work easier

Connect Boomtown to the tools that you already use with pre-built plugins or customize your own integration with our powerful APIs.

Ready to give your customers a better support experience?