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Deliver the ultimate customer experience with proactive support

Delight customers and reduce operational overhead by proactively solving your customers’ most complex technical issues with unprecedented visibility into interconnected technologies.

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Exceptional customer support

Boomtown Proactive allows you to make use of the relevant data generated by your product and third party solutions to deliver proactive support to your customers.

Customers no longer have to try to resolve the issue on their own or wait on hold or be escalated to a higher tier of support. Our platform can proactively create a case, assign it to the right person on your team, and deliver the relevant knowledge for resolution.

Your team can reach out to solve the problem before the customer gets frustrated, or you can use our Automation Engine to do it for you.

Reduce Resolution Time

Visibility into complex

Resolving complex issues faster requires data that is reliable and actionable.

Boomtown Proactive provides a new level of insight into your customer’s environment - from app crash logs to internet connectivity and IoT devices to 3rd party cloud dependencies, we have you covered.

All of these inputs tie into our proprietary Product Index to feed our AI and deliver the most relevant knowledge to your teams, so your customers can get back to work faster. Speed is everything in business.

Eliminate the Runaround

No more finger

You can only fix a problem when you know what caused it. Proactive gives you visibility into those third-party components with cloud-to-cloud, network, and endpoint monitoring.

By understanding the health of your ecosystem and customer’s local environment, you can pinpoint issues immediately and avoid the negative customer experience created by long multi-party email chains and finger pointing.


Jira Service Desk

“The partnership between Boomtown and CardFlight is natural, because Boomtown is the leader in providing remarkable support to SMBs, while CardFlight’s payment acceptance technology was made with the needs of SMBs in mind."

Derek Webster
Founder & CEO