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Manage on-site product setup or break-fix issues with
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Ease of communication & transparency for onsite work

Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by keeping everyone up to date on the latest developments.

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Seamless Communications

The critical job of a project manager is to keep everyone up to speed on the latest developments. It’s a hectic job managing inbound and outbound emails, phone calls, and text messages throughout the process.

Boomtown’s Field Service Management solution ties all communications into one platform so the project manager can communicate with all constituents from the same system across channels.

Project participants can be notified automatically when key stages are complete. Relevant communications are all tied to the same Case so they are easy to reference at any time - no more endless email chains and he-said/she-said finger pointing.  

Less Operational Overhead

Transparency from Start to Finish

Job/Status updates and documentation are incredibly time consuming aspects of managing field services work that often get overlooked. Project managers have to track down resources while they’re driving between jobs and interrupt their work for updates. Getting close out documentation together can take multiple days to gather.

Boomtown’s Field Service Management platform includes a mobile application that allows the technician to claim jobs, provide status updates, capture close out documentation, and even launch a video session for unexpected issues and “show me” situations. Status updates and documentation are seamlessly loaded to the cloud and tied to the Case record for full transparency.

Lower Error Rate

Skills-based routing

The ability to find someone who can be onsite to fix a problem when you need them is more of an art than a science today. It’s a constant trade off between distance, skillset, and availability.

Boomtown’s Field Service Management automates this process by broadcasting jobs to resources with the relevant skill-set that are closest to the job site, then expanding the pool at regular intervals until the job is scheduled.  You can also use the predictive scoring capabilities to push jobs to specific technicians.


The process of managing a high volume of field services dispatches is daunting even for the most seasoned project manager. Many organizations still rely on phone and email for job submission, scheduling, and updating stakeholders.


Boomtown’s Field Service Management platform provides a home for all of the various stakeholders to collaborate and have visibility into the end-to-end process, including dispatching, onsite check-ins, and close out documentation.


McKinsey estimates companies can realize 10-30 percent gains in productivity using digital field service management tools.

Source: McKinsey & Company


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"Boomtown gives us the ability to deliver high-quality services to our customers around the country, whether it's same-day break-fix, a new store install, or a national rollout."

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