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Exceptional customer experiences require teamwork

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Break down barriers

Work from shared customer views

One of the most frustrating experiences as a customer is getting the run-around; one person tells you one thing and sends you off to another person who sends you back to the start. The missing piece of the puzzle is having a shared view of common customers between partners with the ability to share cases with context.

The Ecosystem CX Module covers a user’s view of an entire journey, providing insight into every step taken within that journey. The function of Ecosystem CX is to break down cross-team and cross-organizational knowledge silos, eliminating barriers to customer progress and product functionality. It provides for a seamless ability to share cases and collaborate, and never before seen visibility into customer issues.

Sharing customer, sharing knowledge

Common customers, common concerns

When two organizations share one customer, they’re bound to share others. When they sell products, services, and processes at scale, they’re bound to keep running into similar problems.

Why work on every customer case as if you’re re-inventing the wheel? Bring customer histories into a shared, common view for easier resolution the next time an issue comes up. After all, if you don’t learn from history, you’re bound to repeat it.

Understanding & Security for Customers

Visibility, Security, Integrity

Banks are challenged with multiple on-off integrations with Fintech and/or Processor related products, which results in disjointed customer experiences and an inability to answer the most basic customer questions. By building this network and providing visibility to the banks, they are better equipped to handle customer activation & servicing.
Ecosystem CX capabilities include multiple Service Provider Overlays, a proprietary data model that allows multiple people to support the same customer and have visibility into relevant case records while maintaining data security and integrity.


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