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One of the most frustrating experiences as a customer is getting the run-around; one person tells you one thing and sends you off to another person who sends you back around. The missing piece of the puzzle is having a shared view of common customers between partners with the ability to pass cases with context.

Boomtown’s Ecosystem Engagement module allows you to privately share knowledge base content with other partners with whom you share customers if permissioned. This enables your team to understand the various different methods of handling customer issues from one integration partner or vendor to the next.

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Delivering an ecosystem of solutions creates complexity for the customer when something breaks. Ideally put the customer at the center of the support experience and work with partners to ensure we fix problems and retain shared customers. Legacy ticketing solutions only enable a support experience between one customer and one company resulting in blind “throw it over the wall” actions when the customer gets transferred.

Ecosystem Engagement enables the transfer of cases to other organizations with the full context of the issue and any troubleshooting your team has already performed. The next team can pick up where you left off without the customer re-explaining their issue and what resolutions have already been attempted. Once resolved, all relevant data gets synced back to the shared Case record.

Better Visibility

Understand your customers’ world

IT environments have become increasingly complex. Our customers’ experience now depends on multiple other services (integrations, WAN and LAN connectivity) and providers (MSPs, vendors, 3rd party applications), yet our support platforms haven’t evolved to handle this complexity.

Ecosystem Engagement capabilities include multiple Service Provider Overlays, a proprietary data model that allows multiple people to support the same customer and have visibility into relevant case records while maintaining data security and integrity.

We also enable real time updates from other CRM and ticketing solutions when a customer journeys from your support organization to a partner’s support department for end-to-end visibility.


The world has become increasingly interconnected. This makes it more challenging than ever to find exactly where an issue originated to solve the problem. Customer transfers are one of the highest causes of churn, so it’s critical to collaborate with partners.


Boomtown’s platform understands the complexity of Ecosystems and enables seamless engagement with partners to smoothen customer journey handoffs and troubleshoot support across shared customers.


AI technologies have the potential to increase productivity by 40 percent, as well as boost profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035.

Source: Accenture


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“Our support team enjoys working with Boomtown as they are committed to providing solutions to our merchants and are well trained in merchant technology.”

Bud Zepeda
Technical Support Manager