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Case management for
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Solve problems faster and more accurately than ever with AI-powered Cases that give your agents everything they need in one place.

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Speed is everything

Boomtown’s Case Management system brings everything together in one place and uses AI to suggest contextually relevant solutions based on the customer’s unique product configuration, case history, and description of their issue.

The agent doesn’t have to switch between multiple systems and can quickly handle even the most difficult issues in one pane of glass.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

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Boomtown’s Case Management solution centralizes all communication channels into a single unified inbox, making it easy to handle any communication method or to seamlessly move a conversation across them. No matter where the case is created, our AI delivers solutions to the agent so they can solve more problems and help customers get back to work faster.

Shorter Agent Training Times

Agent proficiency

Boomtown’s Case Management puts everything the agent needs in one window and uses AI to deliver the most relevant and successful solution. The system learns through real-time AI to provide agents with the latest successful solutions, so you can be sure your team is consistently applying the best solution to problems as they evolve.

Instead of asking agents to read thousands of pages of documentation and remember resolution steps, you can teach them once about how to use a system that predictively gives them the answers they need in real time with centralized Knowledge Delivery. New agents can hit the desk in days instead of months.


Traditional ticketing / case management systems
are data capturing systems where largely unstructured notes are added to a customer record with a timestamp, not intelligent solutions that help support agents do their job better.


We built a 21st-century Case Management solution with AI and Machine Learning at its core, allowing basic inquiries to be handled via automation and actively assisting agents with higher level issues. Everything the agent needs is on one screen, across all communication channels.


It costs between $10,000 and $20,000 to train a new support agent between direct training costs and reduced productivity.  

Source: McKinsey & Company


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“Boomtown gives me the freedom to focus on growing my business without having to worry about supporting my existing customers. They are always available, and the quality is best-in-class.”

Ryan Ennis