Get Smart About Support

Predictive Outcomes is the engine that drives intelligent decisions through our platform. It's the brain that helps you operate more efficiently and better service your customers.

Always learning, always improving

You have data. Lots of data. Let your system learn from all that data to deliver predictions and recommendations based on your unique business processes. Pair that with automation of mundane tasks such as tagging, routing and answering FAQs and you will have the insights and time to truly connect with your customers.

With Al embedded where you work, your support operations constantly grows smarter, freeing up your team to focus on the complex questions and making sure your customers are happy.

Deep Learning

We employ the latest machine learning, data analytics and process automation technologies to perform predictive analysis and drive automated actions based on historical events. Our systems can pick up on patterns and make connections that are beyond the capability of the human brain.


Tap into all past experiences across hundreds of thousands of anonymous customer support interactions and apply what we have learned to your customers. We learn as we go so every interaction and suggestion makes us smarter and more efficient.


You don’t have to use data only for understanding what happened in the past. Start using your data to get in front of issues and acknowledge and resolve your customers problems before they even contact you.

The future of support is bright

The historical challenge is that hiring has had a linear growth function with volume through each technology evolution. Predictive Outcomes changes that.

Predictive Outcomes provides individual help to the agent & customer, addresses repetitive questions, tags Issues, suggests answers, collects basic information, and routes Issues intelligently. Humans can then focus on complex Issues, personalization, churn reduction and upsell opportunities. Net, the goal is to combine the best of human and machines to improve the customer experience and reduce costs.

Robots are not taking over, rather they’re here to help you be more efficient.

Boomtown Predictive Outcomes Impact

See it in action

Here are some examples of how Predictive Outcomes can immediately help your team

Issue Diagnosis

Personalized and efficient customer experience

Conversational automation with a customer to identify problems.

Make inferences from location history and technology footprint for a holistic view of the business.

Uncover patterns by matching historical data to real-time conversations and set statuses automatically.

Intelligent Routing

Success based outcomes improve customer relationships

Utilize historical customer data to understand the issue.

Leverage agent skill sets, historical experience and successes by issue type.

Provide real-time scoring of agents who are best qualified and also available for an issue.

Capacity Planning

A more efficient team, every day of the week

Understand your support volume by factors that you wouldn’t typically consider, including holidays, issue type, 3rd party software updates and much more.

Map agent availability down to the minute within confidence intervals to ensure proper staffing.

Financial Oversight

Improved profitability at scale

Automated revenue and margin analysis by interaction.

Set acceptable parameters by support type and customer.

Exception, variance and trend notifications.

Created by data scientists, powered by information

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