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Operational Efficiency

Eliminate tribal

Tribal knowledge is a challenge for every organization. Traditional support systems sustain this challenge with monolithic knowledge bases and ticketing systems that tie unstructured notes to customer records. It’s impossible for anyone to hold all of this information in their head and remember it on the fly.

The Boomtown Product Index ties every customer, knowledge base article, product monitoring data point, and support interaction to a master product record. Each interaction reinforces or updates the Machine Learning model for that product, allowing the next customer and agent to benefit from all of the related cases that agents have previously handled.

Better Support

Personal Support Experiences

B2B products often have multiple tiers of services, various add-on features, and increasingly, third-party integrations.  It’s understandably frustrating to navigate that complexity as a customer or support team to solve a specific problem --- especially when you have to sift through numerous dense articles on irrelevant features, add-ons, and integrations.

Boomtown’s Product Index connects customers to specific product variants and the relevant knowledge base content to create a bespoke corpus of knowledge for that customer. When supporting a customer, the agent is only presented with contextually relevant information, which drives more accurate and consistent resolutions. The customer is also presented with only the information relevant to their configuration when using self-service automation.

Product Improvements

Use data to improve product interactions

The standard method for finding product insights in case data involves downloading a large amount of unstructured data in intervals and having an analyst pour through it in search of trends. This method is time consuming and ineffective.

The Boomtown Product Index makes it possible to effortlessly conduct this research on an ongoing basis by referencing the relevant product object to see the most commonly used support categories/tags and knowledge base articles cross-referenced with customer segments.

These insights can then be used to update product support documentation and inform the product roadmap based on common sticking points.


Existing support platforms are not built to scale because they simply tie unstructured interaction notes to customer records horizontally across industries. Lessons learned by one agent supporting a customer are not easily transferred to the next agent and customer.


Boomtown’s Product Index helps by tying every customer record, knowledge base article, and interaction back to a master product record. From this record, you can use AI to drive Knowledge Delivery, Proactive Support, and Automated Responses. The result is significantly better customer experiences at a lower cost.


It costs between $10,000 and $20,000 to train a new support agent between direct training costs and reduced productivity.  

Source: McKinsey & Company


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