The #1 support platform for teams that support brick and mortar businesses

A modern support platform that enables you to
connect with your business customers in new and engaging ways

Get smart about support

Don’t just manage your contact center, invigorate it. It’s time to rethink how we support businesses.

With each interaction, your support platform gets smarter. Using machine learning and conversational automation, our self-learning technology harnesses the power of historical data to empower agents to make better and faster decisions to provide an exceptional customer experience across any channel.

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Faster responses, consistent quality and preferred communication channels lead to a better support experience.

Powerful and
efficient agents

With seamless collaboration, automated workflows, powerful support tools and bots ready to help, agents can get more done than ever before.

call volume

Leverage more efficient support channels, cross-organization ticket sharing and FAQ automation, to experience a drastic decrease in daily volume.

customer insight

Get more insight than ever before into what your customers need. Use this data to continually enhance your service offerings.


The freedom to choose

Connect with your customers in efficient and engaging ways.

Define how you want your business customers to contact you and let them choose the best channel for their needs. Chat, video, voice, SMS, email, web chat or even Facebook Messenger. All channels go through the same workflow and create tickets that automatically attach to correct business profiles. All within a single dashboard for you.

The Connect platform gives you access to all these channels and over 100,000 merchants already use the platform to get support today.

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Multi Channel Support
Boomtown Team Collaboration

It's always better together

Work together to solve problems fast.

Our platform is built for collaboration. Communicate in team chat rooms, easily share tickets internally and across organizations and stay up to date on all of your customer interactions.

In addition to collaborating to solve customer problems, you can seamlessly communicate with your partners, vendors and service providers from a single dashboard.

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Let us do the thinking for you

Be smart about how you spend your time.

The future of support is not about more bodies. It’s about better equipped agents. Our platform was built from the ground up to include intelligence in every nook and cranny to make work more efficient.

From routing inbound tickets to the right agent based on skills, experience and ratings to auto tagging category tags for deeper customer insights to using bots provide immediate answers to common questions in chat conversations. We’re here to help you work smarter.

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Boomtown native intelligence
Boomtown Insights

Your very own data scientist

Don’t just look at your data, use it to get better at what you do.

Get clear visibility and deep insights into customer interactions, which helps you better serve their needs. This is important because personalized service requires greater context. Using our customer analytics and machine learning capabilities, you can better understand and predict customer satisfaction, measure performance, and uncover actionable insights from your data.

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Don't re-invent the wheel

New agent? No problem.

When you join our support platform, you can tap into high quality support content for systems you support that has been curated by experts over the course of multiple years.

All knowledge is accessible via both internal and customer-facing FAQ bots to help your team provide quick and consistent answers.

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Boomtown Knowledge
Boomtown Integrations

Your data where you want it

Put all your data exactly where you want it with our SDKs, APIs and pre-built integrations.

Send tickets to your ticketing system, capture data in your system of record, access our knowledge base, chat from your favorite platform, request in-person jobs and much more. Our integrations allow you you access the Boomtown Network without changing your current operations.

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Your new best friends

Bots aren’t here to replace us, they’re here to help us become more efficient.

Bots allow us to have access to a wealth of information with a quick conversation. They can be used to provide internal answers to your own support team or you can have them to talk to your customers directly and answer FAQs in seconds.

Bots can also help with scheduling events, updating team members on status changes and much more.

Meet your bots

Boomtown chatbots

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Businesses use the Connect platform to get support
and agents use Relay to provide support
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A modern support tool for businesses, available on iOS, Android, web and in your own app to get fast support they way they want it.

Boomtown Connect Platform
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A single platform for ticketing, workflows, automation, communication and much more to deliver a better customer support experience.

Boomtown Relay Platform
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