Network Monitoring Features

Comprehensive solution to discover, monitor and support
business networks and connected devices in real time

Features and functionality

Device Detection & Labeling

Plug & play

Simply connect the Onsite Agent to the router and power source and it starts working.

Device naming

The Onsite Agent identifies all devices on the network and names them with their make and model for each reference in your portal. Over 24,000 devices are available.

Parent/child relationships

Devices can be mapped to create parent-child relationships for your customers’ network topology on your dashboard.

Networking learning

For 7 days after activation, the Onsite Agent captures data and uses machine learning to understand the IT footprint cadence. This reduces false positives and allows alerts to be triggered with more confidence down the road.

Internet Service Provider Detection

Automatically discover the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is providing bandwidth to the location to easily detect and inform during outages.

 24/7 Network Monitoring

Health checks

A network health check is performed every 5 minutes and the data is synced back to your dashboard in Relay.

Device statuses

Get a snapshot view of the current status of every device on the network. Any status changes are highlighted.

Speed tests

A network speed test is performed every five minutes and you can visually review all historical data trends in your dashboards.

Wifi analysis

Track channel frequencies, bit rates, signal strength, packet loss and overall wifi health to identify trends, bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Audit logs

All health checks and device status changes are captured in an audit log on the location profile for more efficient troubleshooting.

Printer Paper and Ink Checks

Check on kitchen & receipt printer ink & paper levels to notify for replenishment. Also monitor kitchen printer queues to identify congestion and lost tickets.

 Alerts, Notifications, Dashboards


View all your monitored devices and network data on a global view and at each individual location with gorgeous pre-built dashboards.

Auto ticket creation

Automatically create support tickets in Relay or another system when a critical device goes offline in order to provide fast proactive support.

Customer notifications

Your customers can receive real time alerts on their phone when devices go offline and they can begin troubleshooting immediately via chat with pre-built diagnostic guides.

Customize by device

Assign 1 of 6 statuses to each device ranging from not important to critical. Alert types can also be customized by specific device.

Visual network topology

A visual network map is automatically generated based on device detection, parent/child relationships and device types.



The Onsite Agent does not depend on or listen to any inbound communication from the internet.

Defined checks

The Onsite Agent has a list of checks it can perform (such as pings and http/https requests) and includes specific validated arguments for those checks.


The Onsite Agent uses basic networking protocols to anonymously perform monitoring tasks, with no access to secure data or systems.

Network position

The Agent sits behind the router and firewall like all other devices on the network and requires no network changes, port forwarding rules, or inbound internet traffic of any kind.

Disabled ports

The agent has PKI for security / log-in and all additional ports have been disabled to prevent device tampering.

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