Compliance Monitoring

QIR and PCI compliance validation
and SAQ automation for merchants

Make QIR & PCI compliance simple, accurate and auditable

It’s time to simplify PCI compliance for your customers. With a simple monitoring agent that plugs into the router you can automatically map your customers’ networks and ensure all their devices are secure and within compliance. From there you can easily automate SAQ forms with a few clicks to streamline customer onboarding .

Maintain or increase fee revenue with improved visibility, and reduce non-compliance while drastically simplifying the merchant experience.


Simplify the onboarding experience by streamlining the extensive SAQ form requirements


Automate annual SAQ reminders to facilitate on-going compliance process


Alert your customers when their location goes out of compliance for quick resolution

Access QIR

Reduce the headache of searching for a technician for on-site help and provide a fast and affordable solution

Leverage technology to drive compliance

Device monitoring can augment your existing programs by enabling real-time insight into your merchant's compliance status

Compliance Intelligence Platform
  1. Network validation of connected devices for more accurate PCI compliance reporting

  2. Automated SAQ form population for simple submission

  3. Ongoing network checks and audits to maintain accurate compliance logs

  4. Automated exception alerts when merchants go out of compliance

How Compliance Intelligence helps your business

Validate compliance data

Eliminate your reliance on self-reported data and get real insights into who is compliant and who is not

Reduce revenue leakage

Prevent lost revenue from non-compliant merchants who attest to PCI compliance via self-reported forms

Increase PCI compliance across portfolio

Provide proactive recommendations based on detailed insights into the customer’s network and technology

Create consistent data

Help each merchant accurately complete the SAQ forms using an automated and standardized process

Easily monitor compliance exceptions

Understand which of your merchants are out of compliance in real time via dashboard notifications

Maintain aggregated data for audits

Access network health checks and completed SAQ forms from a single easy to use application

Additional features

  • Automated SAQ form population

  • Annual SAQ update reminders

  • Integrated PSPE-HW & B-IP SAQ form fills

  • Proactive notifications for form completion

  • Data storage for network checks and SAQ forms

  • Daily network and connected device validation

  • Daily compliance audits with detailed change logs

  • Real-time, non-compliant merchant alerts

  • Access to aggregated data logs for compliance audits

  • Easy access to local QIR certified technicians

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