Network Monitoring

Comprehensive solution to discover, monitor and proactively support
business networks and connected devices in real time

Take the guesswork out of support

Onsite Intelligence is packed with the tools you need to keep your customers’ networks safe and online. Create life-long advocates with proactive support by helping customers before they realize they have a problem.

Fewer outages and faster support prevents lost sales, minimizes tech-related frustrations and makes for happy customers.  Give the peace of mind knowing someone has their back, 24/7.

Welcome to the world of proactive customer service.

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Create lifelong
loyal customers

Provide proactive support to ensure your customers stay online 24/7

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Remove time consuming guesswork from technical support with detailed insight in all devices

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Get a holistic view of their entire IT footprint to understand what they need

How does Onsite Intelligence Work?

The Onsite Agent connects to the router and passively monitors all network devices. Data is sent to Relay and customer resolution occurs via Connect.

Networking Mapping

Device Monitoring

WiFi Scans

Speed Tests

Alerts & Notifications

Ticket Creation

Onsite Intelligence - How it works

Truly plug & play

Just plug the device into the router and the rest is taken care of automatically.

The Onsite Agent identifies all network devices and labels each with the make and model directly on your dashboard.

You can then customize which devices are critical and which are not to optimize your notification preferences.

No mapping, ping testing or manual work required.

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Onsite Intelligence Network Mapping
Create child/parent relationships between devices on the network to create a comprehensive visual network map.
Easily scan the network to see which devices are currently offline and which child devices they may impact.
Quickly access additional information about the location including high-level location summary as well as deep-dive device-level details.
Business Network Monitoring
Monitor your point-of-sale device to ensure that you never lose sales.
Printers can be finicky. Get notified if they ever stop working before your business operations are interrupted.
Ensure all your access points remain online and are functioning properly so your payments network and your guest network never go down.
Security cameras ensure your business is safe and secure. It’s critical that your cameras never stop working.

Eyes on the network at all times

Automatically conduct a network health check every 5 minutes and capture the data on your dashboard.

The device will ping all IP devices, conduct speed tests, test channel congestion, identify bandwidth hogs and much more.

Identify problems before they happen and track trends over time to surface areas for improvements to keep your customers operating at peak performance.

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Be in the know

View your data on gorgeous visual dashboards and customize all network and device notifications to ensure you never miss a beat.

Set the importance of each device on a network to customize your alerts from a simple push notification to automated ticket creation.

Your customers get real-time updates to their Connect app to begin troubleshooting immediately via chat and live video support.

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Network Monitoring Dashboard & Alerts
Automatically create Issues in your queue when a critical device goes offline.
WiFi health checks and real-time recording to track quality trends and identify network issues.
WiFi scans to detect channel bandwidth availability.
Network Security

We're on a need-to-know basis

We take security seriously.

The Onsite Agent is a passive device that only has the ability to receive data and not send it. It does not depend on or listen to any inbound communication from the internet.

The agent uses basic networking protocols to anonymously perform monitoring tasks, with no access to secure data or systems.

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Want to monitor networks but don’t want to staff 24/7?

You can leverage Boomtown Services to have a designated team on call and monitoring your customers’ networks 24/7.

When a device goes offline, we’ll reach out to your customers to solve their issues when you’re not around.

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