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Capturing customer attention in the modern world is a challenge. No one reads the details and people demand answers immediately. Assuming customers will dig through an online knowledge bases is setting yourself up for failure. It’s time to offer a solution where your customers can ask a question and get an immediate answer in the context of the issue they are having.

Our business is about providing the best possible support experience and that means faster, more accurate answers. From years of providing direct merchant technology support we have developed one of the largest catalogs of knowledge in the industry. We are now delivering that experience to you in a streamlined conversational format.


Support in a box

This is truly support on-demand. All of our knowledge is pre-built and ready to use.

You can have access to support FAQs for all the technologies that you sell within a few seconds.

Get new team members up to speed quickly and ensure you are delivering a consistent customer experience.

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The way you want it

Our knowledge takes multiple forms depending on the scenario. You can have internal FAQ bots available to answer questions for your agents or public FAQ bots that answer questions directly for customers.

For more complex situations, leverage pre-built diagnosis checklists to walk agents through troubleshooting steps.

Finally, access detailed technology installation guides to support your field agents through on-site services.


Learn from others' experiences

We built our knowledge content over the course of years of providing exceptional support to businesses.

We are always learning, analyzing, updating and improving our content to enhance the experience for those who get answers from our knowledge.

You get the benefits of an industry-leading team managing your support knowledge base without all the overhead.

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