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Access pre-built libraries of support content for products you already sell

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Knowledge is Power

Immediately leverage knowledge articles and insights curated from millions of customer interactions with business products.

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Pre-Built Knowledge Libraries

Quick-start your knowledge curve

Boomtown’s Universal Knowledge module contains years of aggregated and curated knowledge libraries with insightful, relevant information on tech & financial services industry products.

Spanning wireless networks to Point-of-Sale to SaaS applications, accelerate your team’s knowledge to answer questions more quickly and accurately right out of the gates.

Real-time Product Knowledge Network

Universal solutions to universal problems

Knowledge Management is a foundational piece of the Boomtown platform. The chatbots that deliver Customer Self Service are able to search through the same knowledge base articles your team uses and deliver the right solutions to your customers.

Each portion of content is connected to a product (or products) so they can be leveraged at the right time by your team or the customer. We also enable your team to save preambles and responses that can be used the next time a customer has a similar issue.

Robust Permission Control

Complete control over your information

If joining a real time Knowledge Network is a bit too much, you can still enjoy the benefits of our curated Universal Knowledge library by adding existing content to your Personal Library and adding your own personal touches.

Our robust permissions controls ensure your information never leaves your corporate boundaries unless you want it too. Information in your libraries can be classified as Public, Shared with parties you specify, or Private and only viewable by the relevant teams in your organization.

If you have channel partners who need slightly different information, you can even swap embedded content so each partner gets differentiated information about the same topic.


Most companies build and maintain fragmented knowledge about these same underlying systems, leading to unnecessary costs and negative customer experiences. If you’re a channel driven company, you’ve undoubtedly felt the pain of regularly having to train all of your various partners every time you make a small product update.


Open source software has changed the world and allowed companies to build better products faster. Boomtown’s Universal Knowledge is built by a network of companies and curated by Boomtown’s knowledge managers, giving you access to the latest resolution information on widely adopted technologies.


AI technologies have the potential to increase productivity by 40 percent, as well as boost profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035.

Source: Accenture


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“Boomtown has been critical in helping us scale up our support efforts while providing the best customer experience. By streamlining installations and new customer trainings, we can get our customers started faster on Talech.”

Shelly Chen
Head of Operations