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According to Temkin Group, a lack of speed in interactions with their providers  is the number one pain point among B2B decision makers, mentioned twice as often as price. As B2B technology gets more sophisticated, knowledge bases grow, troubleshooting becomes more complex, and issues take longer to resolve.

Boomtown’s Knowledge Delivery module supercharges your team’s ability to deliver fast, accurate solutions to increasingly complex problems. Boomtown’s AI uses context about your customer, matched with other customers with similar configurations, to deliver solutions directly to your teams without them having to go dig through endless Knowledge Base articles.

Delivery vs. Search - if shaving seconds off handle times was the goal of previous operational efficiency projects, this is measured in minutes.

Increase Brand Consistency

Eliminate tribal knowledge & guesswork

Every team has their outperformers; the individuals who seem to remember every detail of how to handle tricky troubleshooting situations and are barraged by questions from other team members. If only everyone could deliver the same level of results.

Boomtown’s Knowledge Delivery module delivers information directly to your team that is contextually relevant based on the customer’s profile and ranked by AI as the best possible solution given the description of the issue. Boomtown’s Machine Learning indexes all of the previous interactions with similar customers to ensure the most accurate recommendation.

Our Quality Review panel allows you to see each recommendation made by the AI engine and if your team utilized the suggestion in their response. You get full transparency and the ability to clone your best knowledge across the team.

Faster Team Proficiency

AI to help, not replace

The combination of high turnover rates and long ramp times is one of the greatest cost drivers for customer care teams. With Boomtown’s Knowledge Delivery module, you can fully ramp new team members in days to weeks instead of months to quarters.

Rather than struggling to remember something they learned during training or hurriedly finding knowledge base articles, they have contextually relevant knowledge handed to them in the moment of need. You can train them once on how to utilize Boomtown’s Knowledge Delivery solutions, which are surfaced directly to them, instead of trying to memorize thousands of answers and processes.


The great struggle for companies looking to compete in today’s hyper competitive marketplace is the tradeoff between delivering a great customer experience and the amount of headcount required to achieve that objective.


With Boomtown’s Knowledge Delivery module, it’s possible to drive significant improvements in operational efficiency while simultaneously improving the customer experience with more accurate and consistent issue resolutions.


AI technologies have the potential to increase productivity by 40 percent, as well as boost profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035.

Source: Accenture

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“Ensuring our customers have the best product support possible is a top priority for Vivid. With Boomtown’s platform and support services, I can focus on growing our business knowing that our customers are getting the product support they need to grow their business.”

Derek Henmi
President & CEO