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Personal, digital touch

Provide your customers with the knowledge they need,
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Bespoke Experiences

Context drives personal digital experiences

Boomtown’s Customer Self-Service is built on top of our Product Index and Knowledge Management modules, so every customer is able to get a unique, personal experience based on their customer profile.

Only those knowledge base articles and bots relevant to a customer will be surfaced when they engage for self-service.

Boomtown also leverages Tokens and APIs that can be utilized to deliver a wide variety of personal information, responses, and custom workflows to your customers.

Transparent Engagements

Customer relationships are built on trust

We believe it is critical to let your customers know when they are talking to a human vs. when they are talking to AI. The trust you have built over years can be lost in one interaction.

In addition to transparency, our approach is to provide alternative responses when we aren’t absolutely certain our AI is providing the perfect response to a question, so your customers don’t get frustrated by misunderstandings.

We also provide seamless handoffs to your teams with all  data captured for each interaction so you can ensure customers are always getting the help they need.

Integrated Workflows

Bring it all together

Customer self-service is meant to make your team more efficient by handling lower-level inquiries quickly. Issues arise when customers don’t use your self-service options and when AI-to-human hand-offs are not seamless.

Boomtown’s Customer Self-Service capabilities can be easily integrated into your Digital Channels and directly into your product for even more context via our Support SDK, making them the first point of inquiry for customers.

On the back end, Boomtown treats all self-service interactions the same as human-handled cases, which makes the transition from AI to human effortless, including surfacing the automation transcript directly to team members in their interface. This structure also enables self-service data to be easily assimilated and analyzed.


Today’s customer self-service solutions are underutilized because they are harder to use than reaching out for direct human support. Automated solutions have a lower cost channel feeling to customers, handoffs to humans are disjointed, and solutions are limited.


Boomtown’s Customer Self-Service module uses context about the customer to deliver a personal experience that can be seamlessly integrated into your digital surfaces and enables transparent handoffs to your team members as needed.


Digital self-service that resolves an issue the first time costs less and appeals to customers.

Source: Bain & Company

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Brian Kamstra

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Shelley Chen
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Drew Sementa

“Boomtown gives us the ability to deliver high-quality services to our customers around the country, whether it’s same-day break-fix, a new store install, or a national rollout.”

Ivan Matkovic
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