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Ease of Communication

Aggregate omnichannel

Whether your customers are interacting over the phone, video, web chat, text, email, social, online schedulers, or form submissions, everything will enter one, single, omnichannel queue. This means there is no switching between applications, screens and channels for your team.

With knowledge delivery, there is no consulting an external knowledgebase, meaning that every interaction between person and product happens entirely in one pane of glass.

Solve Problems Faster

Eliminate cold hand-offs

Simple, effective first contact resolution.

No matter what channel a customer engages on, the platform seamlessly routes cases across internal teams and third party outsourcing and ecosystem partners to reduce customer frustration with warm and cold hand-offs.

Customers no longer have to call multiple people and re-iterate the same issue over and over.

Ease of Communication

Deliver the digital experience customers demand

Boomtown’s Digital Engagement Channels are easy to turn on and easy to use. Provide customers the option of communicating with you through their preferred medium, including email, SMS, chat, social media apps, and even directly from your app via our Support SDK.

Our integration setup makes it easy to turn on new channels and all of them are integrated across modules, so you can deliver the same great experience across communication channels.


Customers are more demanding than ever. They want to communicate with your team through various digital channels like SMS, webchat, and social media apps and get the same level of customer support wherever they are.


Boomtown’s customer experience platform enables your team to leverage all the digital engagement channels your customers use and pulls them into a unified inbox so your team can deliver the same exceptional customer experience without having to switch between systems and contexts.


AI technologies have the potential to increase productivity by 40 percent, as well as boost profitability by an average of 38 percent by 2035.

Source: Accenture


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“Ensuring our customers have the best product support possible is a top priority for Vivid. With Boomtown’s platform and support services, I can focus on growing our business knowing that our customers are getting the product support they need to grow their business.”

Derek Henmi
President & CEO