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CX Manager

CX Manager makes it easy to get a bird’s eye view of a customer’s present situation so that you can help and support them immediately.

It provides a four-panel view offering a customer’s historical context, present implementation or support status, tools for active communication between the customer and team members, and AI-powered knowledge suggestions for how to best assist them.

It’s an all-in-one workspace geared toward providing excellent experiences.

On Top & In Control

My Work

My Work is the next view provided in the CX Management Module. It is a user’s personal overview panel for everything they need to attend to at that moment. This includes urgency notifications, status updates, and chat capabilities.

My Work allows a user to see what they need to attend to across customers, locations, and organizations. It provides for efficient issue resolution, so that once one issue is solved, the next is tackled immediately.

Kanban View

Journey Oversight

Journey Oversight (aka, the Kanban View) offers users an in-depth look at every detailed phase of a customer’s particular journey. Whether that’s an implementation or support process, it provides the user insight into what’s happened, what’s happening, and what has to happen next.

The view offers context into any roadblocks or impediments to progress, and offers solutions as to how to remove them - so that customers can have a smoothly run, excellent experience.


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“Ensuring our customers have the best product support possible is a top priority for Vivid. With Boomtown’s platform and support services, I can focus on growing our business knowing that our customers are getting the product support they need to grow their business.”

Derek Henmi
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