Field Services Management

Powerful and efficient enterprise field service management
tools for operators and agents

Smarter, faster, more efficient

Welcome to the next generation of mobile productivity for field services.

Don’t just put a calendar and directions in the hands of field agents, deliver complete job visibility, detailed knowledge guides and streamlined communications for maximum productivity. Provide the tools needed to execute with consistent service quality, every time.

Leverage your resources with the flexibility of public and private service networks.  Manage your network on its own or tap into a nationwide network of experienced agents to jump in when you’re short staffed. If your network is public you can even drive additional jobs to your network to increase utilization rates and grow revenue.

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More efficient
job management

Dispatch more jobs with fewer project managers by leveraging automated workflows and built-in intelligence.

Increase field
agent productivity

Whether on the job or between them, your field agents can get more done with better tools.


Delight your customers with better communications, easy payment options, and more consistent job quality.


Your entire workforce at your finger tips

Easily create, manage and complete all your jobs from a single dashboard.

Get deep insights into your agent’s performance including completed checklists, images of work, live video conversations and customer ratings.

Stay in close contact with your agents at scale with streamlined chat conversations, automated notifications and real-time video chats.

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Boomtown Field Services Job Management
See all your jobs in one place for easy oversight and management.
Capture comprehensive details for each job to keep accurate records for detailed analysis.
Get all the job updates for each field agent in one place for simple oversight.
Chat directly with your field agents in the same place updates are sent. Chats go directly to the field agent ToolBox app.
Tap one button to launch a video chat session with your field agents for check-ins and visual inspections.
Boomtown Automated Scheduling

Be a match maker

Get the right agent to the right job without any tedious manual scheduling.

Gone are the days of phone calls and excel sheets. Let our system quickly and intelligently match the best agents in the field to the right jobs based on availability, experience, certifications, location and many other factors.

All you have to do is create the job and the system takes care of the rest.

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Update everyone without saying anything

Real time automated communication between your office, field agents and customers.

Everyone involved with the job is always in the loop with automated chats, emails and text messages. You just manage the job and the system takes care of the communications.

Need to send custom updates? No problem. Easily chat, video chat, text message or email the customer or field agent all from your dashboard.

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ToolBox Automated Communication
Boomtown ToolBox Platform

Job management in their pocket

Allow your agents to accept, complete and get paid for jobs from their phone, tablet or computer.

Job acceptance, scheduling, driving directions, checklists, guides, documentation, invoicing, payments, offline mode and everything else an agent needs to complete jobs, on-demand.

Give them the tool they need to be successful and productive.

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Field agents use the ToolBox app to manage their jobs
and project managers use Relay to dispatch and oversee jobs
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A powerful job management tool for agents in the field to accept and complete jobs. Available on iOS, Android and web.

Boomtown ToolBox Platform
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A single platform for job creation, dispatching, scheduling, management, communication and more to deliver exceptional services.

Boomtown Relay Platform
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More jobs means more money

We work with hundreds of technology and service providers (POS, ISOs, etc.) as well as thousands of restaurant and retail chains that use the Boomtown Network to get jobs done. When you manage and dispatch your field agents using our platform, you can get access to additional jobs for your agents from these businesses to increase your utilization and revenue.

In addition, when you’re part of the Boomtown Network, you don’t have to worry about failing to complete jobs when you’re too busy. As part of the Boomtown Network you can advertise jobs not just to your own field network, but also the broader network of available agents. You can advertise by job type and skill set and we will ensure you get the right agent on the job. Boomtown Quality Managers will ensure each job goes smoothly and is completed up to your standards.

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