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Proactive support... not reactive

Support doesn’t have to be reactive. With Onsite Intelligence, we can identify issues before they hit store operations, proactively create support tickets, and intelligently route them to the proper support team.

Onsite Intelligence also allows you to prioritize specific network connected devices to ensure the most urgent issues are addressed accordingly.

Monitor all connected devices in real-time, and proactively create alerts and tickets if anything drops off line
Automatically create a location-level network map and IT footprint for easy viewing
View the real-time status of every device, and prioritize critical devices to ensure emergencies are handled accordingly

Remote tier 1 support

Our tier 1 support & case management of all in-store technology eases the burden of support for your locations, and provides a simple, standardized platform for your entire organization.

Connect’s multi-channel support – chat, video, SMS, email – allows your team to choose the most convenient method at the time of need.

The Plant Cafe

"Boomtown provides us on-demand technical support at a fraction of the cost to implement our own IT department. Fast, friendly, and 100% reliable, I can rest easy knowing that all of our locations have a lifeline at all times."

Doug Hunter
Director of Technology & Training – The Plant Cafe

Doug Hunter The Plant

High definition video

Support doesn’t have to be the painful experience we’ve become accustomed to. Connect’s live video support provides your locations with a highly interactive show-and-tell experience, limiting the need to describe complicated issues over the phone.

High-definition video troubleshooting also decreases resolution times and minimizes unnecessary technician dispatches, leading to substantial cost savings over time.

high def video
Boomtown Integrations

More than just data.
Actionable insights.

Our custom admin portal, Relay, gives you full transparency into your daily support operations, as well as the ability to collaborate directly with our team on specific issues and projects.

View real-time and historical data across your entire organization, and make better IT decisions with actionable insights. Our pre-built integrations also allows the data to be sent where your team already works.

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