Deliver the ultimate Customer Experience with CXMEngine

CXMEngine allows enterprises to take control of every aspect of their Customers’ Journeys, eliminating the friction and runaround associated with third-party partnerships.

Higher Customer
Shorter Agent
Training Time
Journey Orchestration

Design & manage excellent customer journeys

CXMEngine's Journey Orchestration Module allows users to gain a bird's eye view of where their customers are along their customer journey.

This provides them with complete knowledge of not only what's been done so far, but what else needs to get done in order to complete that journey. Whether it's onboarding, installations, or ongoing support, Journey Orchestration gets your customer where they need to go.

Automation Engine

Automate tasks & workflows

CXMEngine's Automation Engine leverages AI and rules-based routing to establish qualifying event triggers for a variety of tasks. A team member need simply build a rule, and then automate steps going forward.

This saves teams time and energy when getting customers where they need to go, ensuring that they're able to provide an excellent, seamless experience.

Knowledge Delivery

Delivered to the right person at the right time

CXMEngine provides intelligent, rule-based Knowledge Delivery to all users, whether internal team members or customers. No time is wasted in delivering contextual, relevant information to that end user in the moment of need.

When knowledge is delivered (as opposed to searched for), handle times go down, and customer satisfaction goes up. This is what it means to transform knowledge from static data into dynamic, actionable instructions.

Product Catalog

Monitor, track, and report on your products

Your customers utilize and rely on a variety of products to keep their businesses running, from Points-of-Sale, to modems, to routers and printers. That's a lot for any organization to keep track of - thankfully, the CXMEngine Product Catalog takes the worry out of it.

Know exactly what's going on with all of your customers' products, all the time. Get real time updates into their health and status, and be empowered to take action the moment a problem arises through automated event triggers.

Knowledge Management

Robust and secure knowledge libraries

CXMEngine provides one unified workspace to help you keep track not only of your communications with your customers, but also the knowledge that you need to help them.

Instead of asking agents to read thousands of pages of documentation and remember resolution steps, the information is displayed to them securely and in real time. The ability to not only store knowledge, but proactively push it when needed, will shift your team's performance into overdrive.

CX Manager

All you need, all in one view

Manage every aspect of the customer experience with CX Manager. Presented in a multi-panel format, it gives you full visibility into customer issues, communications, product knowledge, and status updates.

Never lose track of the customer experience while switching between screens again.

"The new Boomtown partnership allows KeyBank to provide small businesses with a superior overall experience in conjunction with a best-in-class merchant processing solution."

Jon Briggs
Head of Commercial Product & Innovation

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