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Connect is a cross-platform application that simplifies support for businesses.

A single button unlocks help from the merchant’s entire support ecosystem via chat and video support. Connect was co-developed with Apple and can be private labeled with your branding for a personalized experience.
Faster Responses

Chat bots as a first responder means that your customers get help within seconds, 24 hours a day. Chat-based support allows your agents to handle multiple conversations at the same time so you have the capacity to get to everyone.

Simple Collaboration

When your customers use Connect they get access to all of their technology and service providers with a single button. Seamlessly invite teams or individuals into chat conversations to work together to solve issues faster in a single conversation for the customer.

Connect Video Support
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Faster Answers

For simple questions you can leverage bot automation to provide high quality and consistent answers to your customers immediately. For complex issues, you can launch a video call with a single tap to see into their location and get eyes on the issue for quick resolution.

Customer Transparency

Everyone always wants to know the latest update. With Connect it’s always available so your customers know exactly where the ticket stands at any point in time without needed to ask for an update.


Simply easy

Connect is the fastest and easiest way for businesses to get support – both remotely and in person.

Start a chat for a quick conversation and launch a live video support session to reduce resolution time for complex issues.

With a few clicks a certified local technician can be requested and tracked on a map to know exactly when he/she will arrive.

Each interaction gets rated so the service quality remains consistently high.

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How does Connect work?

Connect Home Screen

One button for
every question

‘Slide for Help’ whenever someone needs help at their business

Connect Chat Support

Chat for quick

Immediately connect with customers on chat for quick conversations

Connect Video Support

Faster answers
with video

Get eyes on the issue rather than trying to understand it over the phone

Connect Field Agent Dispatch

Local techs
when needed

Certified local technicians available to show up in person with a few taps

All Providers in one place

Ditch your sticky notes

Connect was built to provide a single button that gets businesses the help they need from all of their technology providers.

Stop wasting hours calling different 800 numbers to wait on hold just to be told they can’t help you. Tap one button and get to the right team immediately.

The Connect support platform gets you access to some of the largest technology and services providers today.

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Support everywhere you go

Connect is a native app available on iOS and Android.

Connect is also available as an SDK and APK so you can embed the Connect support experience right within your own app.

Have a web portal or support page? You can embed Connect chat support right on your site for fast answers right when they’re needed.

The experience is the same, anywhere you go.

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Boomtown Connect Platform

Over 100,000 business can't be wrong

First time using the service. Way cool.

Jonathan BlendzSmoothie and Nutrition

Fabulous service! What a great way to fix the original problem.

Jill BallingerRiver Rock Inn

Great communication and customer service.

Maria Reyna JohnsonLa Antigua \

Great way to ask questions and get more familiar with my POS! Thanks!

Holly OsborneHks Industries LLC

Thank you so very much. Boomtown was great and very easy to use, everyone was more than helpful and friendly.

YolandaWhite Pillars Christmas House

Love the communication. The connect app is awesome.

Jason LeggTwenty Five Main

The Boomtown App is the BEST Tech support I have EVER experienced. I love the way it is a video chat so they can see exactly what you see on your screen.

Kimberly TrainerCar-Tunes, Inc.
Boomtown Connect Private Label

Our app is your app

Deliver a personalized experience with your own branding.

You can private label the Connect app so whenever one of your businesses logs in, they are immediately greeted with your logo and colors.

Build your brand no matter who is providing the exceptional support behind the scenes.

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Connect was built to work seamlessly with our software solutions

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