Internal and cross-organization collaboration

Easily communicate with your internal teams,
partners and vendors, all in one place

Supercharge your teamwork

Stop hitting reply-all and get the answers you need faster with chat and video communication.

A streamlined communication platform built to facilitate cross-organization collaboration. Organize groups and quickly chat or launch a multi-party video chat for fast and easy teamwork. Create unlimited customized teams with everyone you work with (internal and external) to simplify how you get work done.

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Real-time communication with targeted teams and individuals to focus on getting work done instead of scanning email threads all day.


Easily create custom team chat rooms that span organizations for quick and efficient conversations.


Emails are rigid. Live chat enables you to build relationships and enjoy working with your colleagues, partners and vendors.


Work is better, together

Organize subject matter experts and collaborate across companies.

Easily create persistent internal or cross-organizational teams to tackle problems and get work done, fast. Chat rooms are also automatically built for each support issue and taken down when it’s resolved so you can collaborate within the context of a problem.

Work with all your partners, vendors and services providers directly through one portal.

Boomtown Team Collaboration
Relay Video Chat Communication

Communication for the modern world

Group chat, group video chat, file sharing and much more.

Communicate how you want. Chat for quick questions, launch multi-party video sessions with a single click for complex topics and share files with drag-and-drop functionality.

Stop copying the world on Reply-alls and communicate more effectively with the right people at the right time.


Reduce the noise

Only join the conversations relevant to you, whether you’re logged in or not.

Take complete control over chat notifications to stay in the loop without needing to reading every single message.

Use @mentions to notify people directly and #hashtags to notify dedicated teams of subject matter experts.

Enable email notifications that you can reply to when you’re not logged into Relay.

Boomtown Custom Notifications
Notification cards are created whenever you are mentioned in a chat room or tagged into an Issue. Each card is deep-linked to where you were tagged.
Separate notifications by Issues, team chats, field agents and businesses to easily organize your notifications and tasks.
Push notifications can be enabled and customized to receive real time pop ups when you are mentioned or tagged.
Team Messaging by Boomtown

We're in this together

Relay is the platform where merchant technology and service providers work together to solve problems.

This includes point-of-sale providers, terminal manufacturers, ISOs, gateways, acquirers, app developers, installers, software experts and more.

Join the hundreds of organizations that are already here working towards the same end goal of creating happy customers.

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