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Bots are here to help you scale personalized support without the cost

Fast, smart and ready to go

Transform your service operations in no time.

Leverage pre-built bots or customize templates on our native bot platform to increase automation and team efficiency.

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Faster responses
and resolutions

Bots never sleep. Provide answers faster than humanly possible with immediate access to unlimited knowledge. Faster help means happier customers.

team efficiency

Automate the easy and repetitive questions that take up time and focus your team on the high value interactions that only people can handle. Your employees become the escalation point rather than the first responder.

at scale

Get the right answers to the right people at the right time with intelligence bots. Minimize human error and deliver consistent and repeatable experiences, even during peak demand periods.


Living together in harmony

When you are using the Connect platform for support, your customer support bots work side-by-side with your agents through the same channels. Whether someone uses the Connect app, your website chat widget, SMS, or email, the bots are there and ready to help.

You don’t have worry about sending your customers to another platform just to get help.

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Boomtown Connect Platform
Boomtown Bot Customer Context

Know your customers

Support platforms that are built for the masses lack the context necessary to provide great personalized support interactions from bots.

Our bots have instant access to all available information about your customers, including status, technology used, historical issues, network connectivity, and much more. All of which enables more targeted and helpful support experiences.


Getting started is a snap

We understand what it takes to run a large and efficient support operation. That’s why we have created a number of valuable, pre-built bot templates that you can use out of the box. Including issue diagnosis, FAQs (internal and external), event scheduling (remote or onsite jobs) and more.

No messy integrations to get started. Just create your bot, personalize it to your liking and let it go!  You can continue to train your bots over time as you review feedback and data.

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Boomtown Bot Creation Screen
Boomtown Knowledge

Don't reinvent the wheel

Our platform is built to support business customers. There’s a good chance we already support the technology that you sell.

You can take advantage of this knowledge and roll out fully trained FAQ bots without any work.

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It's a team effort

Your bots aren’t superheros…. yet.

Bots are great for answering common questions that take up a lot of your team’s time, but some questions aren’t common and can’t be answered quickly.

When a bot receives a question that it can’t answer, a seamless escalation occurs to the person or team of your choice.

This means your agents are spending time on more complex escalations rather than simple FAQs.

Boomtown chatbots

Meet your bots

Fast, friendly and ready to help make your life easier


Answer common questions from your customers with an immediate response.

Agent Assist

Internal FAQ bots to help your agents respond quickly with consistent quality answers.

Job Acceptance

Easily advertise to your field agents and have them accept jobs or adjust times seamlessly via chat.

Issue Diagnosis

Have a bot diagnose your customers’ issue before it is routed to the best agent.


Stop the back and forth and have a bot determine the best available time for both parties.

Many more

These are just some of the pre-built templates. You can customize your bots to do pretty much anything you can think of accessing internal or external data sources.

And there's so much more

Bots are complex, but we make them simple. Here’s a bit more detail on what they are capable of.



Use the same bots across native chat apps, website chat, SMS, Messenger and email with control over which channels are active.

Pinpoint targeting

With just a few clicks you can have a bot ready to engage with all of your customers, a group of customers, or just one.

Natural language processing

Our bots comprehend natural conversations and respond accordingly.


Easy to build

Use the templates off-the-shelf, modify them slightly, or easily create your own custom bots.

Connected conversation

Different bots handle different conversations in a seamless experience, in the same rooms or even across channels.

Internal operations

Bots can provide internal support for FAQs and staff guidance.


Predictive Outcomes

Issue history is used to inform bot interactions to accelerate positive outcomes.

Feedback & ratings

Bots are rated after each interaction to measure customer satisfaction.

Content on demand

Out APIs can pull any content into bot responses to create meaningful and personalized conversations.


Native Bot OS

We have built our own bot platform so you have complete control over the algorithms and the customization.

Scalable cloud services

We host conversations to ensure security, disaster recovery and infinite scaling.

Native data & analytics

Traditional analytics don’t work for conversations. Ours are purpose-built to ensure bots are helpful and always improving.

Efficiency, here we come!

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