July 15, 2019

Relay by Boomtown - The Next Generation of Customer Support


U.S. businesses lose billions of dollars in revenue each year due to poor customer support, and now more than ever customers are voicing their opinion about such experiences. A single mishandled support call can hurt a company financially as well as cause their brand to be chastised publicly on the internet in a matter of minutes. It seems like an easy problem to solve, but as consumer technology gets more complex, so do the issues. Support scripts have more than doubled to account for the myriad of potential problems and solutions, which leads to significantly longer call queues and more disgruntled customers.

At Boomtown, we believe that next-generation technology should be paired with next-generation support tools. Relay by Boomtown allows support teams to more effectively troubleshoot issues via live video chat, and provide their customers with an engaging and social support experience.

Don’t treat customers like strangers

Customers dread calling into support hotlines, and rightfully so. They are usually met with an automated prompt or off-shore call center, then spend 5 – 10 minutes trying to identify themselves and explain what their issue is. With Relay, support teams will know exactly who they will be speaking with before they answer the call. Relay also has intelligent multi-lingual call issue rating based on the customer’s language preference. This not only provides a more personal experience for customers, but it can also save hours of time for support teams each day.

Always be in the know

It is also important that support teams have all the information they need to successfully answer each support call that comes in. Nothing is more maddening to a customer than having to repeat themselves – especially with basic information. With Relay, each support specialist has access to a dedicated Case Portal which shows detailed notes about each customer and what their previous support experiences have been about premarin cream. Support specialists can quickly review the notes from previous support calls and, if needed, “relay in” the representative on video chat that previously helped them.

Maintain control of each support experience

Another drawback to legacy phone support is having to explain complicated issues over the phone. This often leads to a misunderstanding by the support specialist, the customer, or both, and will ultimately extend the time it takes to resolve the issue. Relay’s video chat allows support teams to be virtually present at the customer’s business and get eyes on their issue. Each video session can be toggled to show a full screen view of exactly what the customer sees and allows a support specialist to walk the customer through troubleshooting steps as if they were standing right next to them. Also, as previously mentioned, if a support specialist cannot solve the issue for any reason, they can quickly “relay in” another member of their team or the appropriate 3rd party support team to resolve the customer’s issue without ever leaving the video session.

relay in app

Always maintain customer security and privacy

Lastly, but most importantly, customers need to know that their privacy and security is a top priority. Relay’s video chat always begins as a one-way video call, where only the support specialist can be seen unless the customer enables control of the rear-view camera on their mobile device. This gives the customer complete control of when the support staff can see into their location.

Tools like LogMeIn, PCAnywhere and Microsoft Remote Desktop are great tools to use when providing remote support, however if used improperly they can leave a customer extremely vulnerable. Relay never opens a remote connection to any device with private information. Instead, Relay allows support teams to “see” their customers’ problems live, while avoiding the security risks often posed by remote access login tools.

It’s clear that video chat is the future of technical support and customer care. With Relay, support teams can provide their customers with a collaborative and engaging support experience while resolving issues faster than they ever could before.

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