July 15, 2019

Paypod Podcast with Boomtown: Business Support for ISOs and Acquirers


We're excited to share the Paypod Podcast with Boomtown this week! This episode dives into a topic that anyone who is running or working for an ISO, merchant acquirer, or really any business would so well to consider… the power of business support for technology companies.Boomtown's Tyler Gerber joined Scott Hawkworth to discuss a number of topics related to merchant technology support and customer engagement to help ISOs and acquirers grow their businesses.Here's a sneak peak into the episode:

Payments Industry Insights In This Episode:

  • How Boomtown helps ISOs and merchant acquirers.
  • Why ease of communication increases customer satisfaction, and can help any business (especially those in payments) stand out.
  • What businesses offering merchant services need to do to separate themselves from industry disruptors like Square.
  • Tyler’s thoughts on the future of payments and where Boomtown (and business support services in general) are headed.
  • A whole bunch more!

You can listen to the full Paypod Podcast with Boomtown on the Soar Payments website.

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