September 15, 2019

Boomtown Wins Two Help Desk Awards Following Review from Top SaaS Review Site


FinancesOnline Boomtown Review

FinancesOnline, a popular and respected B2B software review platform that thousands of businesses rely on to choose their helpdesk software, just completed a comprehensive review of Relay. Take a read through the FinancesOnline Boomtown review.We're excited to receive two prominent awards following the comprehensive review: the Rising Star and The Great User Experience awards.

FinancesOnline Relay Review Awards

Considered as one of the top help desk software for mid-sized business, Relay was reviewed favorably by FinancesOnline’s SaaS review experts. They stated:

“Relay is a powerful customer support platform that leverages AI to create efficient agents and smarter chatbots. With its omnichannel structure, you can provide assistance to customers regardless of the platform they are communicating from. That is because the software consolidates support requests into a single queue for streamlined distribution.”

The review team went on to say in their Boomtown overview,

“A common problem in companies is inefficient and costly support operations. Relay answers that with an efficient and automated architecture that reduces costs while enhancing customer experience. Relay serves to decrease your team’s support volume. As you can deploy chatbots, your customers can easily find answers to common technical problems. With this, you allow your agents to focus on more critical and more complex issues.”

The FinancesOnline team specifically called out the following features as key differentiators that make Relay one of the best help desk software in the market:

  • Robust knowledge distribution
  • Smart bots library
  • Integrated Expert Network
  • Omnichannel support
  • Bot-operated assistance
  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Intelligent foundation (robust AI)
Relay Help Desk Software Hero Shot

FinancesOnline utilizes a unique SmartScore system for its reviews, spanning functionality, collaboration features, customization, integrations, ease of use, general impressions, help and support, security and mobility. They combine these rating factors to rank software products.

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