July 15, 2019

Connect Private Label


Our app is your app

When it comes to Connect, our mission is to create the best possible support experience to help you attract, retain and grow your customers.Part of the great experience for your customers comes from familiarity, comfort and knowing that they’re getting help from people they trust. While video support quickly builds trust and creates personal relationships, the fastest way to long-term trust is through your established brand. You put a lot of time and effort into building your brand and your customers should relate each positive experience back to it.That’s why we are now offering to make our support app, your support app.

Starting today, you have the ability to private label the Connect app so it displays your logo and colors rather than ours. Here’s what we mean: When your customers log into Connect, they will immediately be greeted with your logo and colors as if it was an extension of your own application.This seamless experience is win-win since your customers get next-generation support and you are able to reduce your costs by offering live chat and getting eyes on the issues with video support.Private label Connect works seamlessly with microConnect to ensure your customers get support whether they're in your app or on their phone. From your traditional support options of FAQs, email, and phone to live chat and video support – you now have access to a complete support platform that is an extension of your brand.

Ready to give your customers a better support experience?