July 15, 2019

Customer Success Gets a Makeover: Introducing Connect by Boomtown


Boomtown launches Connect, an innovative iOS support app for restaurants and retail stores

It has been an exciting last few months building up to the launch of Connect. It’s finally here. A truly new and refreshing support experience for businesses. I’ve lived through it, I’ve seen it first hand and I know how hard it can be to get help. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.There is simply a lot of room for improvement in current support structures. Ticketing systems and phone based call centers do not adequately serve the growing complexity of a store’s technology footprint.  They do not provide lifecycle engagement and retention because the business still does not have everything they need to succeed with a new technology product. Support is one of the highest value and longest running interactions we have with our customers and it can either lead to lifelong loyal fans, or disgruntled users that will quickly disappear. In a world where there are 20 other solutions constantly knocking at the door, support interactions need to be 2nd to none.

It's all about the experience

If you are a business owner you know how hard it is to describe a complex issue over the phone, only to be transferred to another person or having to hang up and call somewhere else, constantly repeating the same information while trying to get an answer. Connect puts an end to that.We have created a simple, modern, and enjoyable support experience by empowering people to get the fast help they need in the ways that modern businesses communicate. This means chat when they’re busy or don’t feel like talking to a person, video when it’s an urgent issue and they need it fixed ASAP or in-person when they just don’t want to deal with it and want someone else to take care of it or just want the white glove treatment.

We are very deliberate with our communication channels.

Chat is familiar, friendly and conversational. People prefer to write quick sentences and questions rather than draft long tedious emails trying to capture every detail of an issue. Chat can be a guided conversation, which can lead to quick resolutions. It’s how we communicate with our friends, family and even colleagues today. We believe this is the future of support, even before diving into the benefits of conversational chat bots.

Video is what will kill the telephone for technical support. When there are issues that are too urgent or too complex for chat, there is no reason why it should be a phone call and not a video call.  This approach has yielded reduced “call” times by over 50%, while driving success rates of up to 80%, compared to troubleshooting over the phone. It’s a no brainer.

On-site jobs will always have their place. Network setups, hardware installations, wiring, etc. Some jobs just need an experienced pair of hands, and Connect makes it easy to get quality work quickly and when you need it.

Customer success reimagined: collaborative and team-based

In-store technologies are increasingly powerful and valuable for businesses, but as a store’s technology footprint gets more complex, the network of providers critical to that business’ success grows. As technologies become increasingly interdependent, supporting them requires a social model that brings the right experts to the right place in the moment of need.With Connect, support teams are not tiered but are peered instead, breaking down the traditional siloed handoff model. Instead a multi-party network of collaborators resolve a business’s needs on-demand, in real time, so they can get back to business.The real magic of Connect happens behind the scenes for the business owner. Organizations critical to customer success are connected through Boomtown’s collaborative support platform. Then, through a single interface, a business owner can access support directly from multiple providers, rather than having to place a separate call to each team. Using cross-organization chat rooms and multi-party video sessions, providers whose solutions are interdependent can collaborate to solve for getting a common customer back up and running.As more providers join the platform, more customers can get the support they need through one tool.  It’s the power of the network that makes this support experience truly magical for the business owner.

Industry leaders in support are coming together to re-invent the experience

We are launching Connect in partnership with some of the most forward-thinking merchant solution providers. From day one, restaurants and retail stores will be able to get support from their point-of-sale providers, acquirers, acquiring banks, hardware suppliers, loyalty solution providers, employee management systems, and more. Boomtown is proud to count the following industry leaders among our network of launch partners: Starting today, Boomtown will extend the same support platform to all merchant solution providers. Cheers to a better support experience! - Chip

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