July 15, 2019

CC Sales Pro Podcast: Poynt Sales Interview with Joey Marzelli


Poynt Sales Interview with CC Sales Pro and Joey Marzelli

James Shepherd from CC Sales Pro hosts a conversation with Joey Marzelli, Co-founder and Head of Sales at Boomtown, about the Poynt smart terminal and how it is transforming the payments industry. You can watch the full interview here: http://ccsalespro.com/poynt-terminal-live-event/

A quick recap from the conversation:

Poynt is the world's first smart terminal and is gaining traction across all business types. Poynt is quickly becoming the operating system for all types of businesses. Some key features are:

  • EMV built in (in addition to NFC for Apple Pay, cash, check, EBT, gift card, mag stripe, pin on glass)
  • Connects to WiFi, 3G or both
  • Battery life up to 8 hours
  • Build in receipt printer
  • Pay-at-table ready

CC Sales Pro believes that Poynt will be a dominate point-of-sale system in the industry because it is:

  1. Open Platform - Built on Android and developers have the ability to build apps right on the Poynt device.
  2. Integrated with Key Players - It plays nicely with existing systems like Quickbooks

A few favorite apps

  • Quickbooks integration
  • Homebase - employee tracking and time management
  • List Builder - capture emails from customers for marketing purposes
  • eHopper - in-depth inventory management for retail locations

Sales tactics

  • Keep it simple and don't oversell
  • Don't overcomplicate what it can do - it's closer to a terminal than a full point-of-sale
  • Choose 2-3 apps you know well and use those to help the sale
  • Compare the smart terminal to a dumb terminal like a smart-phone compares to a flip phone


  • Available on desktop and mobile
  • Can easily sync sales across multiple terminals
  • Can easily sync sales across multiple locations


Boomtown provides 24/7 merchant, sales and operations support for teams that sell Poynt. The Poynt device has built-in 24/7 chat and video chat support functionality so your customers will never be without the help they need.

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