September 9, 2019

Boomtown Release Notes: September 2019


Release date: 9/12/2019 10pm PST.

When a system depends on good data to ensure its providing the best experience, it's important to make sure you can easily import, organize, and update your data. This month we focused on improving how you can connect Boomtown to more third party systems and then how you can enhance your data over time to make sure the software is constantly learning and improving.

Here's what's going live on Thursday:

Quality Assurance Console

Without feedback, people (or systems) can’t improve. In order to deliver consistently great customer experiences you need to constantly review, update, and coach.

This month we launched a beta version of our new Quality Assurance Console. This is a place for managers to quickly review completed Issues and update the tags, notes, and any knowledge base articles that were (or could have been) used to resolve the Issue. 

By reviewing and updating the details of resolved Issues, not only are you helping your teams learn the proper way to tag Issues, but you’re also training the artificial intelligence engine to better understand how you want your system to work. As it learns the correct patterns, the system will begin to automatically suggest tags and knowledge base articles on future issues. Better suggestions lead to more efficient teams and happier customers.

For more information on how to use the Quality Assurance console, go here.

Zapier Integration

In a world where new software is popping up every day and the average enterprise uses 163 distinct systems, the number of integrations any given team needs to build becomes nearly impossible to keep up with. Thankfully the folks at Zapier ( realized this years ago and solved many of the integration challenges for us. 

Zapier is an integration layer that allows you to quickly and easily connect (almost) any two software applications via API without having to write a single line of code. It’s pretty much magic.

For example, if you want to automatically create a Customer in Boomtown whenever you create a new Account in Salesforce, no problem! If you want to send a message in Slack every time a new Issue is created in Boomtown, that's easy too. Integrations and automated workflows are now just a few clicks away.

We’re very excited to launch our Zapier integration this month and will be continuing to add new pre-built “zaps” each month to make it even easier for you to integrate your existing systems with ours and automate your workflows.

For more information on how to setup a Zapier app for your organization, check out this link.

Product Index

We’ve made it easier than ever to make sure the products you are supporting can easily get added to each customer interaction. Connecting each Issue back to your products is a critical step to ensure that your system is getting smarter with every interaction and delivering the best knowledge suggestions to your team.

You can now define an Organization-wide list of products from our universal product index to have quick access to the products that you encounter most often. If you need to tap into the universal list from time to time, no problem. We’ve made that easy as well (right from the same pick list we have today).

For more information on how to setup a product list for your organization, click here.


One of the challenges with proactive product and network monitoring is the need to have a physical device in the location that you are monitoring. We’re focused on making this easier.

This month we launched the beta version of our Proactive Agent in a Docker container.  This means that you can now install the Proactive monitoring code on a standard Linux server and it can perform the same network monitoring activities as our physical device.  This allows teams that already have a Linux server onsite to utilize that server as a Proactive Agent to remotely monitor your products and networks.  The first live version of this new Proactive Agent implementation will be available on our developers site soon. In the meantime, please email us if you would like access to it.

We’ve also enhanced our Trace-Route check to triangulate multiple backbone routes in order to intelligently detect the area of the path in which an outage might occur (e.g. local router, ISP outage, etc.).

Lastly, we added Proactive device events to our HTTP Web Hook integration, allowing teams using Proactive to receive events with data payloads when devices are added/updated/deleted or when their status/IP address change.  This enables external systems to be tied into Proactive for real-time integration scenarios.

Small Updates & Bug Fixes

Knowledge Base (KB): 

  • Made a few small Editor updates including making sure text stays within callout boxes
  • Added functionality so users can add images with copy / paste functions
  • Fixed a bug where KB folders were missing the upload avatar functionality
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t save Products on a KB article

Troubleshooting/Resolution Steps:

  • Fixed an issue where adding tags to "Troubleshooting" or "Resolution" that match existing tags causes tags to be reordered and sometimes removed
  • Enabled merging of Troubleshooting and Resolution Steps


  • Colors that show when a chat is ready for an agent to take over have been reinstated on Issues in the Unclaimed queue
  • Fixed a bug causing a specific issue to constantly refresh the log notes
  • Fixed a bug where log notes added via the public chat room were not editable in the log by the user that added it
  • Fixed a broken link to the Technician User from the log notes
  • The View Full List button in the Unclaimed and Mine queues was not displaying correctly filtered results when clicked
  • Fixed a bug where after merging 2 issues, there was no way to close out of the target issue
  • Remove appended messages in emails sent from private chat on issues


  • Reports updated to follow date range selected  (instead of always defaulting to last 30 days)
  • Re-added the button to clear all text from the global search bar
  • Fixed a bug where customers couldn’t select a language in the mobile support app
  • Fixed a bug in Toolbox where notifications from the platform were not sending to toolbox

As always, if you have any questions or product feedback, please email us at