October 21, 2019

Boomtown Release Notes: October 24 2019


Release date: 10/24/2019 10pm PST.

This is our second release this month and we're continuing to enhance our suggestions, our new support SDK, and our proactive support offering.

Here’s what’s going live with this release:

  1. Product and Category suggestions
  2. Support SDK configurator
  3. Sponsor Team updates
  4. Proactive cloud scans
  5. Usability updates

Here are the details:

Product and Category Suggestions

A support agent’s time is best utilized when they are helping customers solve issues rather than spending time on data entry. In an effort to reduce time to resolution, we are focusing on making the agent experience easier by providing more suggestions to them in real time.

With last month’s release we launched article search and suggestions inside an Issue as a step in this journey. With this release we are launching Product and Category suggestions which will further help the agent quickly categorize and tag Issues for the system to guide them to the correct solution.

Support SDK Configurator

Similar to our simple web chat configurator, we are releasing a configuration wizard for our Support SDK. The goal is to make it extremely simple for app developers to embed our SDK in any application (iOS or Android) within a few hours and have the benefits of the Boomtown platform available inside their own app.

To accomplish this, we have added a new 3-step configurator in Settings -> Channels for the users to select the appropriate appearance and routing options for their use case. The selection will generate a downloadable file that developers can easily embed in their application.

For additional information on Support SDK configuration, setup and embedding guidelines click here.

Sponsor Team Update

With this release we are simplifying the Customer and Issue/Work Order submission process by hiding the Sponsor Team field. This will automatically default to your organization behind the scenes so it will be one less field you need to complete.

Proactive Cloud Scans

Our universal Product Index is central to the Boomtown platform and tying proactive insights to the product index is critical for generating global product-level insights.

In this release, we have added cloud connectivity scans on the Product Record which will be available to all the products across the entire platform. (For example, a Clover Station product can have cloud connectivity scans for “Clover Cloud” (i.e. all the end points monitored here: https://status.cloversites.com/)).

This functionality enables us to set up multiple cloud connectivity scans on a product which will help us provide a more accurate status when monitoring a product. When a product goes offline it will now be easier to differentiate between local connectivity issues, WAN connectivity issues, and cloud connectivity issues and quickly identify the root-cause to reduce troubleshooting time.

Usability Updates

We have some minor bug fixes and updates to improve overall usability.

Issues & Work Orders

  1. Fixed the issue where canceled Issues sent emails that had the from name as “BOOMTOWN”.
  2. Fixed the issue where cloning Work Orders copied over status and resolution date to the newly created issue. 
  3. Fixed an issue where Inactive users were able to be added as "Owner User" and "Collaborating Users" on issues.
  4. Updated global search to search for closed issues when searching via Reference ID.

Knowledge Base

  1. Expanded the access controls for public articles to allow sharing of public articles across organizations (like you can with private articles). 
  2. Updated view permissions for articles viewed within Issues to allow Public articles to be displayed (previously they would be blocked).

Quality Assurance Console

  1. Added filters for Sponsor and Owner Team on the Quality Assurance Console.
  2. Updated created and reviewed dates to appropriate data type to allow filtering.

Web Chat

  1. Fixed an issue where the chat box was sometimes going above the screen on Microsoft Edge.
  2. Updated the properties on the welcome box of the web chat to always be on top of all the elements of the web page.


  1. Fixed the issue where some survey results submitted via email were not correctly getting mapped to the NPS and Technician Rating fields.
  2. Added two new permissions to provide additional granular access controls for 1) Edit All Issues (users can edit issues even if they do not own that Issue) and 2) Set/Reset Technician Password.
  3. Updated the SMS functionality to support long text messages by breaking them out into separate messages.
  4. Fixed a bug where the agent was prompted to initiate the info-collection bot even when it was not configured for the organization.

As always, please email success@goboomtown.com if you have any questions.