September 30, 2019

Boomtown Release Notes: October 2019


Release date: 10/03/2019 10pm PST.

Great customer experiences are created when everything is in one place. A customer can ask a question wherever they are and agents can access knowledge and respond all from a single space. When this happens, customers get answers faster and support teams are more powerful and effective. This month we're launching a few updates to help you create these exceptional experiences.

Here’s what’s going live on Thursday:

  1. Deliver knowledge to your teams without having to leave an Issue - Article search and suggestions
  2. Help your customers wherever they are - In-app chat with the new Support SDK
  3. Usability updates on the knowledge base, proactive, email, and web chat

Here are the details:

Article Search and Suggestions

In an effort to bring more relevant information to support teams and not make them go search for answers in other systems, we’re introducing the ability to access your knowledge base articles without leaving the Issue you are working on. We are launching two updates with this release - article search and article suggestions.

Article Search

You can now search your knowledge base without leaving your Issue by clicking a new ‘Search Articles’ button next to the Articles field. 

Search Articles in Boomtown

A knowledge modal will slide in from the right side of screen that will display article results (similar to searching your public knowledge base). When you search for articles from an Issue, the Category and Product tags on the issue will be automatically added as search filters to help you quickly sort through results and reduce duplicate data entry. You can then type into the search bar to further refine the results (or you can remove the tags to broaden the search).

Boomtown KB search filtered by category and product tags

Article Suggestions:

In addition to being able to manually search articles from an Issue, we also added a new type of suggestion that automatically recommends articles based on the context of the issue. 

These suggestions look at the conversation, categories, products, source, name, notes, and other aspects of the Issue to make the best possible suggestions.

These suggestions will appear in the conversation panel. When you click on the action button (e.g. the “View (4) articles” button seen below), it will open the article panel from the right, populated with the suggested articles. 

Boomtown kb article suggestions

After you click into an article to view it, you can select the “Add to Issue & Copy URL” button to add the article to the “Articles” field on the Issue and copy the URL to your clipboard so you can easily share it with a customer.

Add issue and copy URL button in boomtown search

For additional information on how to switch on/off these suggestions for your organization click here

Support SDK

Supporting customers where they already are without them having to change applications or platforms creates better and more seamless customer experiences.

Considering this, we have launched a new Support SDK (for iOS and Android), which can be embedded into any application to provide in-app chat, support automation, and more.

Over the coming months we will be updating the Support SDK to support single-sign-on for customers. We will also be integrating Teamviewer (Android only) and Proactive (Android and iOS) into the SDK.

For additional information on Support SDK click here.

Usability Updates

Knowledge Base

  1. Fixed an issue where the bullets were not correctly aligned and were getting cut-off when used within tables or accordions or while viewing on a mobile device.
  2. Fixed the issue where accordion formatting using H1 Heading showed floating arrows.
  3. Added responsiveness to the customer article view so when adding tables with more columns or long URLs the layout expands to accommodate the text.


  1. Updated sorting functionality on the IP address column to easily find the correct product and hierarchy. 
  2. Updated the default sort order on the product list at a location to: 1) Anything in Critical State 2) Managed, Non Critical States 3)  Monitored, Non Critical States 4) Non Monitored/Managed
  3. Added a deep-link to products on the issue edit view to directly link to the product at the location which will reduce a few clicks and time to find the right product in the list.
  4. Fixed a bug where the Product -> Events grid timed out after a few seconds.
  5. Fixed a bug where IP addresses were disappearing from all products on location after editing any product.


  1. Fixed an issue where  characters randomly got added to the emails when parsing information.
  2. Fixed an issue where if a user switched between public and private chat rooms, the To and Subject field did not update to the correct conversation.
  3. Fixed an issue where subject line sometimes disappeared from an Issue, creating new email threads for the customer.
  4. Fixed an issue where there was periodic duplication of email messages on certain issues.
  5. Fixed an issue where video files didn’t show up in Issues from inbound communication.

Web chat: 

  1. Fixed the issue where the customer saw the unread messages chat counter even when the chat widget was expanded. The counter will only appear when the chat is minimized.
  2. Updated chat widget button placement so it is equidistant from the borders of the page it is embedded on.
  3. Fixed some UI issues with the drop shadow where it was getting cut at some corners 
  4. Updated the chat code to ensure the chat widget always shows up on top of all elements on the page.
  5. Fixed an issue where the chat container sometimes went off the screen when it was scaled at 100%.
  6. Removed references to “powered by Relay” from the chat.
  7. Updated the login screen to show the team avatar for enhanced private labeling.
  8. Updated the UI for embedded articles in chat messages to show better formatting and hid references to the article breadcrumb.

As always, please email if you have any questions.