August 20, 2019

Boomtown Release Notes: August 2019


Release date: 8/22/2019 10pm PST.

This release revolves mainly around the usability of the Knowledge Base along with platform-related updates regarding the Product Index, Canned Responses, Search, and Customer Surveys.

Knowledge Base (KB)

A few updates were made in this release to improve the usability of the Knowledge Base.

Auto-Login – Users will be auto-logged in when accessing internal knowledge bases and will not be required to re-log in each time.

Visibility – A bug was fixed where articles that were archived, deleted or drafted were visible to some users.

WYSIWYG Editor – We updated the WYSIWYG editor to remain sticky at the top of the screen when writing knowledge content.

Update Multiple Objects – A breadcrumb on the Update Multiple was added to make the target folders easy to find.

An issue was fixed where the avatar upload functionality for folders was hidden.

Product Index

There are a few minor updates regarding the Product Index (formerly known as the "Technology Dictionary").

Nicknames – Nicknames were added on all product picklists across the platform to make it easier to identify the product when selecting it from a list. Nicknames can include internal notes to easily identify the correct product you are supporting.

Example: - Verifone VX520 (Terminal) (Register 1)

Network Map – The following fields were added: Mac ID, IP Address, description, and status on hover state over the product; a click through which will take the user to the Edit -> [that device].

Product Filter – A product filter was added to the Issue grid -> Filters -> Products to easily find issues belonging to affected selected products.

Canned Responses

Filters: Functionality was added to filter canned responses by Team. This will allow Teams to only see the canned responses that are relevant to them instead of all the canned responses enabled for an entire organization. An option was also added for "All Teams" for backwards compatibility.

Tokens: Functionality was added to allow tokens in canned responses so you can quickly provide dynamic and personalized responses to your customers. This will be especially useful for canned responses in email. The following tokens will be available to use in your canned responses:

  1. Customer User First Name, Last Name, Full Name
  2. Customer User Phone Number
  3. Customer User Email
  4. Issue Reference ID
  5. Issue Product
  6. Product Status (If Relay Proactive is installed)
  7. Issue Scheduled Date
  8. Issue Survey Link

File attachments were also added to canned responses.

Canned responses functionality was also added to the email pop-up modal.


There were minor updates made on the Search functionality (Global and Local) to improve search results across the platform.

A fix was also made on the Issue list screen where the search result showed the incorrect number of pages.

Customer Surveys

An option was added for an Organization or Team to automatically send customer surveys upon Issue resolution. This setting can be found under Settings -> Workflows -> Issue defaults.


Bug Fixes/Minor Updates

  • The issue list-view was reordered in this column order: Created Date, Ref #, Business Name, Issue Name, Status, Source, Resolution, Owner Team, Owner User, Contact Info, Phone, Email.
  • Chrome Black Boxes – With the 76.0 release of Google Chrome, Relay had display issues with black boxes showing on smaller screens. This was fixed as a hot fix.
  • A bug was fixed where the activity log page count on Issues -> Log Note was incorrect.
  • The ability to add inactive technicians to the advertisement grid was removed.
  • An issue was fixed where auto refresh under Issue Kanban view was not updating columns automatically.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to