July 15, 2019

Boomtown launches Developers Site to Enhance the Customer Experience


We recently launched our developer site, which gives everyone access to our APIs, SDKs and microConnect. This opens up a whole new world of seamless collaboration and sharing of support tickets between systems and organizations.

Cloud API and SDK

Our APIs are now available so you can integrate customer and ticket data directly with your system of record via our cloud REST API. You can also use our pre-built libraries in Java, Node.JS, Python, Android and iOS to accelerate your integration efforts. Get all the details on our APIs and SDKs here.


microConnect is an easy-to-integrate help button that sits within your app and takes your customers to a holistic help screen when they tap it. This screen includes traditional support options (FAQs, email, and phone) as well as live chat, service bots (intelligent autoresponders that answer common questions for your customers), issue status updates and deep links to the Connect app. microConnect offers an easy way to integrate live chat into your app and plug into the support network to work more closely with your partner organizations.microConnect also deep links to the Connect app. Connect is the mobile extension of microConnect for when 3G/LTE is needed. It also provides additional functionality such as video support, multi-provider chat rooms and visual ticket timelines. The Connect app can be private labeled to include your branding and logo.

Join the fastest growing support network

By using microConnect and Connect as a support channel, you are joining a powerful networked platform of support organizations that your team can seamlessly call on for collaboration or escalations to ensure your customers always get the help they need.See how integrating microConnect into your app can have a positive ROI on day one - Read the report here.

Want to learn more about integrating with our platform? Get in touch with us!